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Dear Church Family,

I began my journey as a new Christian, when my friend Rufus Smith discipled me as a new believer. I can still remember the little pieces of paper he would write study questions on. We bantered back and forth discussing and debating our newly gained knowledge and love of God and the scriptures. More than my philosophy and religion classes, more than my theology course in seminary, the kitchen table fellowship is what rooted and grounded me as a growing Christian.

It was this kind of study that strengthened and matured me. Also it was that kind of small group study that matured the Brookhollow family. Those days when you would see almost every growing Christian in this church carrying a discipleship study bible. We grew more, reached more, gave more and baptized more people during that period than any other time in the 33 years of this church. And it is what I believe God has called me back to as a pastor and teacher.

Pray about your spiritual growth. Select a small group that you can study, learn, pray and grow with. God by his grace has chosen you to “grow in grace and the knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ”. 2 Peter 3: 18

Be Encouraged,


Virtual General Bible Study

Queenston – Wednesdays | 12Noon  & 7pm | Via Live Stream


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MasterClass with Pas

6-week studies beginning September 21st

Registration opening soon.

Reading and Understanding the Bible

Ralph Douglas West Ministries

Misconceptions aplenty will keep us from studying and understanding God’s Word, but we must realize that the Bible is the foundation to success for Christian living. The purpose of this study is for you to learn how to read, know and understand Scripture.

At the end of this study, you should be able to draw out its principles and truths and give solid reasons for including it as a meaningful block in your Christian walk.

Coarse Material: Bible

Available Groups

  • Tuesdays | 7pm
  • Wednesdays | 7pm
  • Thursdays | 7pm
  • Saturdays | 7am (Men) – Click here

Living Under God’s Protection

Ralph Douglas West Ministries

When King David was running for his life, living in caves, he never lost his faith that he was protected. Why? Because he knew God had his back – and He’s got yours, too. When times of trouble come into your life, remember that question, “Where is God?” may be on your lips, but the answer is always: right where He’s always been.

Join us for Pas’ study, Living Under God’s Protection, as we learn how to live under God’s mighty shield, secure and safe through all of life’s storms and challenges.

Coarse Material: Bible

Available Groups

  • Tuesdays | 7pm
  • Wednesdays | 7pm
  • Thursdays | 7pm
  • Saturdays | 7am (Men) – Click here

Evangelistic Expressions – Sharing Your Faith

Ralph Douglas West Ministries

Do you have a compelling story of how you came to know the Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, you do! Any story about an encounter with Christ is powerful and others need to hear it and will be impacted by it! Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is a commandment, the Great Commission from Matthew 28:16-20. It’s what our great church was founded on.

Join us for small groups where you can grow and become a disciple as Jesus Christ has commanded of us in His Great Commission.

Coarse Material: Bible adnd Handout

Available Groups

  • Tuesdays | 7pm
  • Wednesdays | 7pm
  • Thursdays | 7pm
  • Saturdays | 7am (Men) – Click here

Financial Peace University

Dave Ramsey encourages you to stop living with guilt, frustrations and headaches that come with trying to manage your personal finances. You owe it to yourself and those you love to find what thousands already have: Financial Peace!

Available Group

  • Thursdays | 7pm

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Her Journey Book Studies

New Groups Begin September 21, 2021

Now That Faith Has Come: A Study of Galatians

Now That Faith Has Come – A Study of Galatians by Beth Moore & Melissa Moore

The apostle Paul didn’t plan to go to Galatia. God used a physical ailment to direct him there, carrying the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The relationship Paul would build with the Galatian converts―and his determination for the truth of the gospel to be preserved among them―led to one of the most passionate letters in the New Testament. Paul would not sit quietly by and let those who’d been liberated by Christ’s glorious gospel submit again to a yoke of slavery. He’d send a letter with the volume turned up, calling believers to stand firm in the truth, stay bold in love, and walk by the Spirit. He’d remind them what it looked like to live for God’s approval rather than human approval. The eternal words God entrusted to Paul for the churches of Galatia are as needed today as they were when the ink was still wet on the ancient pages.

Join us for a six-week deep dive into Paul’s captivating letter to the Galatians. Come to know the letter’s original recipients. Study its original context and embrace its timeless relevance. Discover―or perhaps rediscover―what makes the gospel of Jesus Christ revolutionary to those who choose to believe. Find out how everything has changed, now that faith has come.

Purchase book from Amazon.

Thursdays – 7PM | Via Google Meet & Google Classroom

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The Extraordinary Power of Praise:

The Extraordinary Power of Praise: A 6-Week Study of the Psalms for the Anxious Heart by Becky Harling

From constant waves of negative news to meeting family, career, and community needs, women today often feel more anxious than ever. Amidst the clamor of the world and the internal longings for peace, our overwhelming need is for more of God’s extraordinary presence, peace, and power in our lives.

Join us for a 6-week study that looks to Psalm 94:19: “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy!” The Extraordinary Power of Praise will help you put into practice the two-step process for soothing an anxious heart: finding joy to replace anxiety and learning to pour out our hearts to God in praise. Each day includes a study of a Psalm, thought provoking questions, and short morning and evening prayers. You’ll also find suggested praise songs and prayer journaling prompts to help you engage more deeply with God. As you meditate on the Psalms throughout this 6-week study, you’ll experience the genuine joy of God’s presence, develop a positive outlook in the midst of the world’s stress, and find victory over fear and anxiety.

Purchase book from Amazon.

Tuesdays – 7pm | Via Google Meet & Google Classroom

Wednesdays – 7pm | Via Google Meet & Google Classroom

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Never Alone

Never Alone – 6 Encounters with Jesus to Heal Your Deepest Hurts By: Tiffany Bluhm

From the time we’re little girls, we long to be loved and accepted—from the playground to the lunchroom to the places where we live and work as grown women. We do our best to prove we’re lovable and to avoid being left all alone. But the truth is that it’s impossible to walk through life without experiencing the pain and loneliness of betrayal, shame, guilt, loss, judgment, or rejection. These wounds can shape our views of ourselves, others, and God and even make us question if we are worthy of love and acceptance. Whether old or new, our heartache can convince us there’s no one who understands or cares. Yet Jesus tells us a different story, promising us that we are never alone.

This six-week study reveals the depth and healing power of Jesus’ unconditional love for us through a refreshing look at encounters He had with six shame-filled, hurting women in the Gospels: the woman caught in adultery, the hemorrhaging woman, the woman at the well, the woman who anointed Him, Mary Magdalene, and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Each life-changing encounter reveals a compassionate Redeemer who offers hope, second chances, and grace-giving love—helping us to recognize and embrace our own incredible value as well as our indispensable role in the Kingdom.

Purchast book from Amazon.

Tuesdays – 7PM | Via Google Meet & Google Classroom

Wednesdays – 7PM | Via Google Meet & Google Classroom

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For His Glory

For His Glory – Living as God’s Masterpiece By: Marian Jordan Ellis

Discover Your True Worth in Christ.

What comes to mind when you hear the word masterpiece? Perhaps you think of a beautiful painting, a spectacular home renovation, or a captivating sunset. But few of us would describe ourselves with that word. We tend to listen instead to the lies that define us as rejected, unwanted, less than, ugly, stupid, or a failure. Sometimes we can feel more like worthless junk than a valuable masterpiece. Yet that is exactly what God’s Word says that we are!

In For His Glory, leads us in an in-depth study of Ephesians to help us dismantle the lies we’ve believed about ourselves and replace them with a new identity built on God’s Word.

The truths in this beloved epistle speak to the core beliefs we carry about ourselves, revealing to us our part in God’s magnificent design to redeem a people for Himself who reflect His glory to the world.

This study challenges us to see ourselves as God does— loved, chosen, redeemed, and yes…worth dying for. For His Glory beckons you to rest in God’s extravagant love and hear Him declare you “His masterpiece”!

Purchase book from Amazon.

Wednesdays – 7PM | Via Google Meet & Google Classroom

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Virtual Discipleship Groups

New Groups Begin September 21st

Eagles Discipleship

Just as a mother eagle stirs her nest to encourage her eagles to fly, God “stirs our nest,” allowing us to grow in new ways toward spiritual maturity. This book will motivate Christians to respond to God’s stirrings and to step out into abundant living.

Tuesdays – 7PM | Via Google Meet & Google Classroom

Please note: You must have completed the following to register for Eagles.

  • Firm Foundation
  • Mosaic Women Discipleship (Lydia’s Women)
  • Momentum Men Discipleship (Joshua’s Men)
  • MasterLife





Online GriefShare – 13 weeks | New Session Begins August 26th

GriefShare is for people grieving the death of a family member or friend. GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. You are welcome to begin attending the GriefShare group at any session. Each is “self-contained,” so you do not have to attend in sequence. You will find encouragement and help whenever you begin.

Online via Google Meet | Thurs. – 7PM | Rev. James Harris


Coffee & Christ

Virtual Coffee & Christ

In a Coffee & Christ group, participants will study the sermons of our very own Pastor West and discover for themselves how to authentically live out what the Bible says and means. The name Coffee & Christ” expresses the relaxed and conversational small group atmosphere. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us.

Online via Google Meet & Google Classroom | Tuesdays – 7pm | Various


Firm Foundation

Virtual Firm Foundation

Every believer in the body of Christ needs a good foundation to build their life.

A firm foundation is necessary to build a healthy spiritual life. It is our hope that you will actively engage throughout the six weeks, starting with your Firm Foundation classes. Each class is up to 90-minutes long and will benefit the new believer, rededicated believer, or mature believer of Christ.

Firm Foundation is for those who have recently joined The Church Without Walls and those members who need a refresher.

Click here to register and for more information

Celebrate Recovery

Virtual Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind.

Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.

Online via Zoom | Saturdays – 6pm

Sunday Adult Studies

Sunday Adult Studies

Adult Bible Fellowship classes provide a dynamic small group environment to study God’s Word while building healthy and rewarding friendship with other believers. Classes meet throughout the year. Discover yourself and the new life God has designed for you through Sunday School! These studies are designed for your Christian Education, growth, leadership, and fellowship.

All classes meet online via Google Meet

Time Facilitator
7:15 – 8:30AM Mark Lane
9:00 – 10:30AM Barbara Mathis
9:00 – 10:30 AM Pamela Edwards
10:00 – 11:30AM Keith Osbourne
10:00 – 11:30AM Avis Jenkins
11:30 – 12:45PM Pat Johnson
11:30 – 12:45AM Max Burton
2:30 – 3:30PM Demetrius Howard


S.A.L.T. (Senior Adults Living Triumphantly)

SALT Virtual Bible Studies 

All classes meet online via Google Meet

Study God’s word, engage in fun activities, serve in the community outreach and develop relationships with other senior adults. Let’s live triumphantly together!

Time Day  Campus
10:00AM -12:00PM Wednesdays Queenston
10:00AM -12:00PM Thursdays Bingle
10:00AM -12:00PM Thursdays Eldridge


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