Child abuse strikes children of every age and social background.  Often it occurs in settings where children or youth completely trust adults – in homes, schools, camps, athletic and park programs, and most sadly, the church. We have a profound moral obligation to reduce the possibility of child abuse ever occurring here at the Church Without Walls. We are taking a positive step to provide a safer and more secure environment for our children.  If you are participating in a ministry it is mandatory that you attend one of these seminars.

Online Class

Reducing The Risk Online Video Training
Taking the online Reducing the Risk Training video is a requirement that completes your background check process.  Once your application has been submitted  electronically, you will receive a link for taking the training.  If you do not  complete this portion of the process, you are not considered eligible to serve in the ministry of your choice at The Church Without Walls.


9:00AM – 11:30AM

Bingle – Fellowship Hall

  • March 9th*
  • June 8th (VBS – Prep)
  • September 14*

Eldridge – Rm 103

  • March 17th (Sunday -10:30am – 12:30pm)
  • May 18th*
  • June 8th (VBS – Prep)
  • August 3rd
  • November 9th

Queenston – Rm 235

  • February 23rd*
  • April 13th
  • June 8th (VBS – Prep)
  • July 20th
  • September 15th (Sunday-10am – 12pm)
  • October 12th

*Train the Trainer Classes -Please contact Rosalind Burroughs, to register for this class.  This will be a REGULAR class for any participant with an additional hour for T.O.T.  Trainees will observe the class and then remain afterwards for additional training.