We were created to experience life in community with other believers. One of the best ways to get connected and grow spiritually is to join a small group bible study. Our church is more than Sunday mornings; you can deepen your faith throughout the week, share life with a group of people who will encourage you in your times of need, celebrate you in the joys of life, and challenge you as you grow in your personal Christian walk.

Here’s what our members have to say about their experience in a small group…


Participating in small groups has been a wonderful learning experience!

When I first became a member of TCWW Rev London ensured that I was signed up… for a small groups. Me, Myself and Lies was my first small group and I met so many people that I would have never known had I not attended a small group. That has helped (me) get more involved and not feel like the church is so big. I look forward to the relationships and bonds that are built during our short time together.

Small groups are a great way to establish friendships! I still talk to my first small group friends that I took in 2006. They encourage and provide accountability.

As a new member, the small group study makes the mass fellowship of Sunday very intimate!

Whether you are seasoned on your spiritual journey or are a new follower of Jesus Christ, we have a place for you in a small group. Our new session begins February 1. Groups are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7pm and range from 6 weeks to 32 weeks.

Don’t overthink it. Sign up today!