” I bring you good news…” Luke 2:10

With these words, the angel began a stunning gospel proclamation: The Savior, the promised Messiah, the Lord, had been born! When we think of the gospel—of the Good News—we rightly think of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We think of our sin, of Jesus’ sacrifice, of the salvation and eternal life Christ offers. In this sense, it’s only natural to think of Easter as the “gospel” holiday—it marks the central events that make our redemption possible.

But in this devotional resource, we invite you to consider what the season of Advent can teach us about the Good News…

As you read and reflect on God’s Word each day during these four weeks of Advent, our hope is that you engage with core truths of the gospel a fresh and that, like the shepherds who encountered the Christ child, you glorify and praise God for all the things you hear and see (v. 20).

Introduction in The Gospel of Advent Devotional by Christianity Today.