We are excited to announce that The Church Without Walls and BEEM (Business Economic Empowerment Ministry) have launched a Job Board;  yes that is correct, a Job Board for our members! But not just any jobs will be posted. There is a hidden job market that our community is not aware of. The hidden jobs are on company websites, known by recruiters, on LinkedIn, through word of mouth, and so forth.

By the time most jobs are posted on well-known job boards, other communities are already aware and have applied for them; thus, we wanted to change this dynamic and the TCWW Job Board was developed. The Job Board is a repository of jobs populated by you, our members, who become aware of jobs through your company websites, recruiters, word of mouth, etc.

This is your opportunity to help others by putting “love your neighbor as yourself into practice” by sharing and submitting jobs on the board as you become aware of them.

Our prayer is that the Job Board will be a blessing to our members and community. To search for a job or post a job, visit