How the Righteous Shall Live

A Sermon Series by Ralph Douglas West
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sermon series by Ralph Douglas West

Transform Your Life from Romans!

Romans revives us with the joy and freedom of the Gospel so that we can effectively engage with the culture around us.

Armed with the confidence that we have been freely justified, we can leave our comfortable and easy corners and spread the message of Christ’s love to everyone around us!

Just like Paul didn’t withdraw from people who believed differently than he did, you too can reach out to others with grace and humility—helping people right where they are.

Some of Christianity’s most important leaders and thinkers were inspired and redirected by the book of Romans. Pastor West wants to show you the reason why with his new series How the Righteous Shall Live. 

Be encouraged and empowered to engage deeply with the world around you!

Sermon Titles:

  • Long Term Debt With a High Interest
  • Stop Signs Toward the City of Salvation
  • Faith in the Face of Facts
  • There is no Sin in the Cemetery
  • Unconcealed Weapons
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Purchase your copy today, and be sure to introduce this series to your family and friends!