Proverbs: From Out of the Ashes

A Sermon Series by Ralph Douglas West
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God allows moments where we find ourselves deep in the fire. The world has trained us to believe that fires will not exist because of our relationship with God. Our friend Job will beg to differ! His story teaches us that our relationship with God will not exempt us from the fire, but rather equip us to endure the trials and tribulations that come our way.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?

How can a benevolent God allow His people to continuously suffer?

Is God still in control?”

If you are reading this, you can probably agree that you have asked similar questions yourself. In Pastor West’s six-week sermon series, Proverbs From out of the Ashes, you will journey through the book of Job, as God reveals to you how you should respond when fires come into your life.

Sermons included:

  • A Sudden Sinkhole                       
  • Advice is Cheap              
  • A Binding Arbitration                   
  • What if God Inhaled?                  
  • Look at the Hippopotamus                       
  • A Woman with One Line                           
  • What Do You Do After the Whirlwind?            

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