Back in July, I filled out a prayer request for success in closing on a home. Reverend Harris reached out to me by telephone, but I missed it and it went to voicemail. I listened to his prayer and thanked GOD for the blessing and for Reverend Harris’ follow up.

I made one attempt to reach Reverend Harris by telephone in October, but unsuccessful and I was hopeful that the pandemic would turn around and I would have the opportunity to thank him in person. Well, that did not happen….

I want to report that I was blessed to close on my house in mid August and moved in on September 1st! I am a “late bloomer”; for years I hesitated in buying a home and when I did attempt to qualify a few years ago, I had some money but “less-than-good” credit. This time I had great credit but no money, but GOD moved things around so that situations lined up in my favor and I am so grateful! Praise HIM for HIS endless mercy and multiple chances!!!
I want to openly thank Reverend Harris for the prayer of support , as well as the Prayer Team for your intercession on behalf of GOD’s people!

Damitra L. Myles, Feb. 2021

Hello. As a family we have attended TCWW since 2010. My wife and I are a blended family with two graduating Seniors this year. Our kids have participated in the youth ministry every Sunday and are God led. We have always credited their successes that they are gifts from God. Every year as a new school year began, I instilled in them that when God decided to bless them he would do so in abundance. Cailinn is our daughter. She is graduating ranked #15 out of 703 students. She is a member of Top Teens and an Ambassador at the Early College High School. She is still undecided on where she will attend college. Kameron is our son, He is ranked #19 of 703 students. He too is a member of Top Teens, played varsity football at QB, he was named to the All State Academic Team, he is a finalist for the Scholar-Athlete of the year Award that will be awarded Wed, Jan 10, 2021. On Feb 3, he committed to further his academic and football careers at the US Merchant Marine Academy where he plans to major in Marine Engineering and go on to Navy Flight School. We give ALL the praise in the greatness our children have achieved and we want to share this with all believers.

~ K. Kincheon, Feb. 2021

God is doing marvelous things in my life stemming from September of last year hearing that my daughter had been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Right away her friends wanted to make plans to come visit her. Her and I decided after we prayed and after a few did visit, that it wasn’t a death sentence it was a life sentence, and she would be that example of God’s goodness, his faithfulness and his love. My spirit kept urging me to get as close to her as possible in case she needed me so I arranged with my current employer to transfer, however, there was no transfer policy. I started packing, believing that God had plans for me, and if He says move, then that’s what must be done. The nearest I could see as reasonable to pick up with life was an hour flight and 9 hour drive. The next week after I arrived COVID19 hit and everyone stopped hiring, interviewing, and doing business. I made a few trips flying to her surgeries with very strict guidelines, etc., until it was unsafe. One thing we never lost sight of is that God was keeping us through all the chaos around us, allowing her to be cared for just short of operations being shut down, and allowing me to get to safety before dangers appeared. God still keeps us both today and has created a sustainability and endurance unmatched! He has created a new career for us both, new direction, ignition of purpose, ushered my daughter to healing, and set us both on a higher plane, and we are forever with an attitude of gratitude!

~C. Nobles, Oct. 2020

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