Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.
Psalm 105:1

God continues to touch the lives of His people. Build up your faith by reading about how God has worked in the lives of His people. If God has answered a prayer or you have a testimony to share, click here to share your praise report. 


Back in July, I filled out a prayer request for success in closing on a home. Reverend Harris reached out to me by telephone, but I missed it and it went to voicemail. I listened to his prayer and thanked GOD for the blessing and for Reverend Harris’ follow up.

I made one attempt to reach Reverend Harris by telephone in October, but unsuccessful and I was hopeful that the pandemic would turn around and I would have the opportunity to thank him in person. Well, that did not happen….

I want to report that I was blessed to close on my house in mid August and moved in on September 1st! I am a “late bloomer”; for years I hesitated in buying a home and when I did attempt to qualify a few years ago, I had some money but “less-than-good” credit. This time I had great credit but no money, but GOD moved things around so that situations lined up in my favor and I am so grateful! Praise HIM for HIS endless mercy and multiple chances!!!
I want to openly thank Reverend Harris for the prayer of support , as well as the Prayer Team for your intercession on behalf of GOD’s people!

Damitra L. Myles, Feb 2021

Praise the Lord!!! My mother Fanny Brown who lives in Chicago had a successful Aneurysm surgery last week. She is now home resting and recovering. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Love yall!

~D. Brown, Feb. 2021


~E. Williams Jr., Jan. 2021

God has brought us the Pas. And he speaks truth that increases our faith. Speaking historically or about modern times are tied together through these excellent sermons and commentaries. Thank you.

~R.Beaty, Dec. 2020

Good afternoon church! I am a member of Christian Hope Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA, which is pastored by Pastor Stephen Howard, and he recommended us to check out Pastor Ralph West, and I must say, I have truly been blessed by the message! Pastor West, thank you for bringing Psalm 103 in such an enlightening way. It has blessed me exponentially! I truly enjoyed this teaching and will tune in the future.
Looking forward to your interview with our Pastor on February 4th. May the Lord continue to bless you, your wife and the Church Without Walls Family.

Best regards,
Cheryl Gourdine, Jan. 2021

Hello. As a family we have attended TCWW since 2010. My wife and I are a blended family with two graduating Seniors this year. Our kids have participated in the youth ministry every Sunday and are God led. We have always credited their successes that they are gifts from God. Every year as a new school year began, I instilled in them that when God decided to bless them he would do so in abundance. Cailinn is our daughter. She is graduating ranked #15 out of 703 students. She is a member of Top Teens and an Ambassador at the Early College High School. She is still undecided on where she will attend college. Kameron is our son, He is ranked #19 of 703 students. He too is a member of Top Teens, played varsity football at QB, he was named to the All State Academic Team, he is a finalist for the Scholar-Athlete of the year Award that will be awarded Wed, Jan 10, 2021. On Feb 3, he committed to further his academic and football careers at the US Merchant Marine Academy where he plans to major in Marine Engineering and go on to Navy Flight School. We give ALL the praise in the greatness our children have achieved and we want to share this with all believers. ~ K. Kincheon, Feb. 2021

Through it all- the pandemic, civil unrest, evil divide throughout our land, the quarantine and separation from my love ones and friends–God’s love for me His keeping power has kept my life balanced. Living each day is so different, but my trust in God has deepened. I am confident of His grace and love of His people that He will bring us through the difficulties we face. As Pas said- it’s a great time to be alive!! So I watch and wait for God – expecting- anticipating God’s outcome to come about- His resolution through His works. When it happens, we will know it was nobody but God. I have peace as I face each day, it is well with my soul.

Thanks to Christ our Savior,

~Verna Falkquay-Harris, Oct. 2020

My praise report is that October 1st was the release date for my 1st book, a memoir, 4 Marriages Before 40. I have worked on this book for awhile now and it has come to fruition. I am grateful for this blessing to be able to reach and help others in their personal journeys through love, mistakes, and self-discovery. I pray many opportunities arise from this heartfelt project.

~T. Mims, Oct. 2020

TCWW Youth Leader (SW Campus) Robert Lane III received a Four Year Full Academic Scholarship to Rice University.

~J. Cottingham-Lane, Dec. 2020

My son finally came to visit me! He hasn’t been to see me since last December!!!
Thank God and keep praying for us. He is my only child❤

~P. Johnson, Oct. 2020


I praise and thank God for the provision and protection that we have been blessed with as a church!
He continues to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or think according to His power at work within us.
Glory to God!

~J. Thompson, Oct. 2020

God is doing marvelous things in my life stemming from September of last year hearing that my daughter had been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Right away her friends wanted to make plans to come visit her. Her and I decided after we prayed and after a few did visit, that it wasn’t a death sentence it was a life sentence, and she would be that example of God’s goodness, his faithfulness and his love. My spirit kept urging me to get as close to her as possible in case she needed me so I arranged with my current employer to transfer, however, there was no transfer policy. I started packing, believing that God had plans for me, and if He says move, then that’s what must be done. The nearest I could see as reasonable to pick up with life was an hour flight and 9 hour drive. The next week after I arrived COVID19 hit and everyone stopped hiring, interviewing, and doing business. I made a few trips flying to her surgeries with very strict guidelines, etc., until it was unsafe. One thing we never lost sight of is that God was keeping us through all the chaos around us, allowing her to be cared for just short of operations being shut down, and allowing me to get to safety before dangers appeared. God still keeps us both today and has created a sustainability and endurance unmatched! He has created a new career for us both, new direction, ignition of purpose, ushered my daughter to healing, and set us both on a higher plane, and we are forever with an attitude of gratitude!

~C. Nobles, Oct. 2020

God is good all the time…and all the time, God is good.:)😇…Greatful to be alive..👋 Be blessed everyone! Celebrating life, health and strength🙏🏼

~J. Thompson, Oct. 2020

In the midst of this global pandemic, I was able to conduct my research, collect and analyze the data, and interpret the findings to finish writing my dissertation. I defended by dissertation titled THE INFLUENCE OF SCHOOL PRINCIPALS’ COMMUNICATIONS STYLES ON EXPERIENCED TEACHERS’ JOB SATISFACTION on August 13, 2020, and officially became Dr. Markethia Mull. As I celebrated my birthday five days later, I submitted my final dissertation document and applied for graduation from Ashford University.

~M. Mull, Aug. 2020

I requested prayer for my wife Donna as she was anticipating the results of her biopsy. She visited the Dr Thursday and the results came back NEGATIVE for cancer!! PRAISE GOD!🙏🏾Thank u so much for your prayers! Our God is amazing!!

~D. LeNoir, May 2020

Praise the Lord,
I just want to give God the glory for sustaining my household in every way. He has given us peace through His Word. We have been able to get the things we need. There is no sickness. His love and care is so real and present. He is so good. May God bless all. Thank you.

~N. Carrier, May 2020

Praise Father God for my two new beautiful homes in San Diego and Atlanta.

~J. Patel, June 2020

Hi church without wall family, we’re still here in Florida, Ariel’s been having surgery after surgery since the double transplant, she went under March 19th until May 18th. They started taking her off the medication that keep u sleep day by day. Since then she’s been having compication’s. she’s had 9 operation’s to correct thing’s that going on with her body. Plus in the mist of this my husband had to bury his mother June 6. God is keeping me focus on him and church without walls. I thank u for your continous prayers through all of this. Love my Pas and his family. I love my church. if it gives someone hope u can share. 

~C. Luchin, June 2020

Lost my job in April, under a very difficult manager. Before I lost the job, I asked God what to do about my situation, I didn’t want to quit. So, I continued to work and put up with the micromanagement. Being on the job for only 45 days and working from home, I was written up. All the years working in this industry, it’s the first time a company every complained about my work. While talking with God for an answer, God gave me a peace to keep working. The day came when the manager decided to let me go, in the midst of a pandemic. Happy the stress was removed, I came to realize so many people had lost their jobs. It wouldn’t be easy to get a job anytime soon. Thinking I wouldn’t qualify for unemployment because I was let go, in another word fired, I applied anyway. A month went by before I received a call from TWC. They had more questions. I told my story.

What lessons did I learn? 1. Moving from one job to another, God wouldn’t give me peace, but I moved ahead of God anyway. 2. Because a door is open, don’t always indicate this door is from God. 3. God is faithful. He was right there maneuvering me through my mistakes. 4. I confessed I was disobedient. How did I know God didnt’ want me to move, it was right in the middle of my stomach, no peace. Yes, I qualified for unemployment, and I have a scheduled interview next week. Learning how to listen and trust God, even when you think its the right move and decisions. Thank you Pas, family, friends, and Deacon D for your prays and encouraging words. All the glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

~T.Tomlin, May 2020

I grew up in christian churches. I have always believed in God. I have always believed that Jesus died for my sins. I have been baptized and I have participated in Holy Communion at least once per month since I was young. In 2018, a good friend of mine helped me see that my belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit was built on my limited understanding of Sunday morning sermons over nearly a half century. As pastor of a small church in the Houston area, my friend politely challenged me to get acquainted with Jesus Christ personally. He suggested reading God’s word – all of it – for myself. I accepted his challenge and committed to spending the first 30 minutes of each day reading God’s word. Over time, 30 minutes of reading turned into 45 minutes to an hour, and in addition to reading, I began regularly praising and thanking Him, acknowledging that I sin, asking for forgiveness, and inviting Jesus into my life.

In early August, 2019, my daily readings had me in the gospel according to Matthew. After the first week or so, I had read about Jesus performing miracles of healing, and as part of my prayer one morning I said, “Lord I believe, but can you give me a sign because I don’t see the same kind of miracles in the world today?” The very next morning, I began reading where I had stopped the day before. Within a very short time, I came upon Matthew 12:38-39 in which Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for requesting a sign. So, naturally I smiled and my prayer that morning included an apology for requesting a sign the previous day. But God knows motives of the heart, and He knew that I was asking from a place of deep sincerity.

About a week later on August 14, a friend from work voluntarily told me about a shop owner in Tucson, AZ who noticed that he was suffering with back pain and offered to pray for healing. My friend said the man held his hands, prayed to God for healing, and his pain went away immediately. When he told me the story, he had been pain free for 10 days after weeks of unexplained back pain. I shared that I had recently asked God for a sign that he is still performing miracles of healing. We were both amazed and grateful.

Less than 10 days later, on August 23rd, I was having lunch with the first friend I mentioned above – the one who started me on my search for a personal relationship with Jesus. I told him how God rebuked me for asking for a sign, but then gave me one anyway. He then said, “God is still answering your prayer”, as he showed me a video clip of a 13 year old boy speaking and dancing on the previous Saturday morning. The amazing about the video is that the night before it was taken, the boys parents wheeled him into his room, changed his diaper and tucked him into bed.

Because of an aggressively growing mass on his brain, this 13 year old had lost the ability to speak, walk and control bodily functions. After my friend’s church family had been earnestly praying for him for weeks, his parents tucked him in bed on a Friday night, and the next morning the kid got out of bed on his own, walked to his parents’ bedroom, woke them up with the sound of his voice, and danced while his mom cried and videotaped it.

These are just two examples of the many ways I now observe God’s attention to me. The more I read and seek, the more He reveals. For many years I believed in God, but I could not easily articulate specific instances where he showed up in a very personal way just for me. Now, I can.

If you have any doubt or skepticism about YOUR relationship with Christ, let me politely challenge you to start by reading God’s word every day. Don’t read it to finish it, like when we read a novel. Read it from the perspective of a listener in a conversation with God. What is He telling you about Him, about yourself, about the truth of things, etc.?

I pray that this testimony advances God’s purpose for your life.

~J. Duplantier, Aug. 2020

After hurricane Katrina we relocated to the Dallas metroplex for almost 18 mos and then relocated to Houston (Cypress) in 2007. We then returned to New Orleans the summer of 2010.

We came to Houston in late spring of 2017 to attend our close friends retirement party from their business. The next day we visited the neighborhood and area we used to live in and it felt amazingly peaceful…like we belonged…like a pull to come back! I can’t explain it! We had just built a home in N.O., 1.5 years prior, so it didn’t make sense! But after prayer and a few visits to H’town, we decided to move back to Houston from N.O.! Couldn’t explain it but it felt like we were led to. During those visits we also visited TCWW as we sought God to see if this was His will. As a result…everything just felt right!

So…we put our home in N.O. up for sale the day after Thanksgiving 2017 and by that Monday we had an offer…that Friday it went under contract! The house sold and we received more than the asking price…in December! We relocated back to Houston in January 2018, closed on a new home in April 2018.

I have owned a landscape business for nearly 25 years but would face the reality of literally starting over again. My approach would be to take out all of the builders landscape on our new home and re-landscape my entire yard…so that ppl would see my wrk and we’d be rolling with work once again as it was in New Orleans.

That didn’t happen! People would pass by and say ‘oh that’s so nice’ but no one asked for a business card or my ph no.! I was getting desperate and frustrated and decided to start doing grass cutting on my street to get my business name familiar in my neighborhood. I hadn’t done that in a very long time…as my expertise is landscape design and installation.

In the meantime we began to struggle financially! Mortgage, taxes, HOA, bills, etc! For the first nine months here my wife couldn’t find a job! It was so overwhelming! I began to question myself, question the Lord! Did I hear you Lord or was it me?! Should we have stayed in N.O. where things were so comfortable and easy?! Did I step ahead of you with buying this house?! What have I done?!

In the meantime we had become members of the TCWW again as we were when we lived here btwn ‘07-‘10. I rejoined the Mens Choir and enjoying it!
Then we agreed to participate in ‘Our Journey’…just believing the Lord that we’d be able to keep our commitment.
I was on my face praying and asking the Lord to make a way for us and my business, and to bless me indeed and enlarge my border!

Late last summer I did a couple of landscapes in my neighborhood and both clients posted my work on social media without me asking them to. The only way I found out was another neighbor told me. From there, other ppl began to post my wrk along with positive comments on social media. The snowball effect continues even now…EVEN DURING A PANDEMIC! God is AMAZING! I have been overwhelmed with wrk and now my prayer changed from Lord enlarge my territory to asking the Lord to give me the capacity and the resources to handle all of the request for landscapes! Not only did He open a window and pour out blessings but I literally don’t even hv to leave out of my neighborhood for the work!

I’m so grateful to the Lord for opening doors for our family. I’m grateful to the Lord for my wife who trusted me thru everything…even when things looked grim! I’m looking forward to how the Lord will use us and to be a blessing to others!

IT WAS THRU OUR PASTORS OBEDIENCE TO THE WORD OF GOD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT to give us what we needed to make it thru! So many times it was an ‘on-time’ Word from an on-time God! So many times after service I wanted to reach out just to at least say thank u Pas for truly allowing the Lord to lead him so that He can lead us! As he always tells us to be encouraged , well I want to say to u Pas…BE ENCOURAGED! I thank God so much for you! Always praying for u! I love u brother! God Bless!


~Don & Donna LeNoir, July 2020

Despite being diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, in April, 2018, I am still here, breathing, living, thriving, and enjoying life, only by the GRACE OF GOD, and PRAYER!!!!!!! Not only my prayers, but the prayers from my family, friends, pastor, and my Church Without Walls FAMILY, I still STAND ! As a firm beliver in GOD, and his PROMISES, I have FAITH and TRUST, that he is ALWAYS with me!!!!! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!!!!!!!!

~C. Tylet, April 2020

My mom was without electricity for 4 days after tornados blew through her area. Her lights came back on Thursday. Her insurance is replacing her food. Friends from her church came over to clear out her frig and freezer. I’m grateful for her church family. They checked in on her everyday. She stayed at a members house after the 2nd day of no lights.

~R. Dalton, April 2020

I’m still able to work, even after a layoff at my job, my family is healthy, I have a grand baby due April 27th, in the midst of it all! And most of all, I’m not afraid! Thank you Heavenly Father!

~M. Flakes, April 2020

I praise GOD for health, strength, and being in the right mind personally and for my family. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was blessed by the Financial Peace small group, and count it all joy that my Disaster Unemployment Assistance was approved in 3 days. From Psalm 91, the floodgates of heaven will continue to cover all needs as the funds have not been disbursed as of 26 days following employer validation. Where there is a need,there is a provision. Where there is a provision there is GOD, and where there is GOD, he shall supply in miraculous ways. Praise the LORD!

~B. Haralson, April 2020

I am praising God for a full recovery from Covid-19. After spending a few days in isolation at the hospital and prayers from many, my health is fully restored and I was given my second Covid -19 test and I received negative test results on Easter Sunday!
God is Good!

~E. Polidore, April 2020

We are so thankful to God that my 16 year old Junior in high school has received 10 offers to attend college on academic and sports merit. We have a huge decision to make. The schools are all great! Six Ivy Leagues, Westpoint, Duke, Lehigh and Montana State and other football coaches are calling. The biggest testament is that coaches always mention his character. We have worked hard to ensure that my son knows who he is and WHOSE he is! Many thanks to Pastor West and the teen ministry. The seeds sown are being harvested!

~E. Polidore, April 2020