Join Pas every Sunday in January for his new preaching series,
The Emotions of Jesus.

The Mad Jesus – Mark 3: 1-6
Jesus confronts meaningless religious tradition but gives wholeness to those who admit their own disability

The Glad Jesus – Luke 7: 1-10
Would you like to impress the Lord Jesus to the point of amazement? You can impress Him only by your faith in His word and power. Anyone can impress Jesus with humble faith in His word and power.

The Sad Jesus – John 11: 35
Jesus cares by divine reveling. He reveals truths about us, about the nature of eternal life, and His own caring humanity.

The Bad Jesus – Matthew 21: 10-17
Jesus cleansing of the temple dramatically demonstrates God’s reaction to cultural, merely intentional, established religion. Christ comes again to His temple, the church, to cleanse and to challenge.

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