Pas In The Past - Collection 47

A Preaching Collection by Ralph Douglas West
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A sermon series by Ralph Douglas West

For forty-plus years, Pastor Ralph Douglas West, affectionately called “Pas,” has inspired people locally and worldwide with his inspirational, dynamic preaching messages. Celebrate his 47th anniversary with us by listening to several classic faith-building sermons we’ve gathered over the years, all the way back to 1991. To name a few “The Weather,” a thought-provoking sermon from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7; “The Forgotten Man of Christmas,” “Ten Things I am Teaching My Sons,” Stopping To Remember,” a special New Year’s Eve message from 1993; and classics from 1991.

Thank you for your support – and may you be encouraged as you help lead, inspire, and empower people to live lives of spiritual maturity.

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Sermons include:

  • “Jerusalem Jerusalem” 1995

  • Christmas day – “The Forgotten Man of Christmas” 1994

  • “The Things I Am Teaching My Sons” 1994

  • “Stopping to Remember” 1993

  • “The Weather” 1991

  • “Back Door Divinity” 1991

  • “The Pace for The Race” 1991

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