October is Pastor’s Appreciation Month and it’s the month we celebrate our Pastor, Ralph Douglas West’s pastoral anniversary. In 2019, we celebrate 32 years of Pas feeding, leading, and equipping us to do ministry, in addition to the love and compassion he’s shared with us! Considering this, we want to show him how his leadership as our pastor has impacted our lives. As members of the congregation, we will show him by committing to do the following:

As a member of TCWW, I will…

Be Present:

  1. Attend church every Sunday, particularly in October and November. The ministry of presence is powerful.
  2. Bless someone! Before the benediction, Pas asks us to purchase a copy of the sermon to bless someone else. Invite that person you shared the message with to join you in worship to celebrate his anniversary.
  3. Stop by the Proverbs Bookstore on Queenston or the Fellowship Halls at Eldridge and Bingle to pick up one of the designated sheets for handwritten notes to mention specific ways he has influenced your life for Christ. He was overjoyed this week to read some of the notes he received, some even got a good chuckle out of him.
  4. Bring your tithes and offering into the storehouse so that we can continue to do ministry that is pleasing to God.
  5. In addition, let’s show Lady Sheretta West how much we appreciate her. We know that Pas’ leadership is impacted daily by her love and partnership in ministry. We will demonstrate our love to her with a “Love Flash Mob” with cards to include special notes of love, appreciate, and admiration.

Participate on Social Media:

  1. Let’s break the internet! Make “We love you, Pas” signs, take pictures of people holding the signs: individuals, couples, groups, children, youth, leaders, guests, and peripheral members with smiles, fun poses, list names of everyone in the picture. We will have frames on each campus in Rotunda and the Fellowship Halls, but we encourage you to release your creative prowess and make your own! Post on social media using the Hashtags: #WeLovePas #Pas32 #TCWW #IAmTCWW #OurJourney
  2. Testimony Tuesday – every Tuesday in October and November, share your story on social media about your journey under Pas’ leadership and use Hashtag: #OurJourney #TCWW #IAmTCWW
  3. Throwback Thursday Picture Day – We have shared several pictures of Pas over the years on social media. We want you to Like, Post, Share, then share your favorite throwback moment of your life in Christ under Pas’ leadership.

We love and appreciate our pastor, let’s show him!