men's conference


MoMentum Men’s Ministry presents

Virtual Real Manhood Breakfast & Conference
Theme: “Get A Grip – Stand For Truth”
Saturday, May 22, 2021
8:00am – 12:00pm

Men, Its time for you to GET A GRIP and STAND for TRUTH at our  “Real Manhood” Breakfast & Conference. This unique One-Day Virtual Experience brings men of all ages together in their walk with Christ; through praise, worship and encouraging fellowship. Join us Saturday, May 22nd at 8am for a journey through life changing biblical teachings on how to build a purpose-driven legacy of Godly manhood. REGISTER TODAY!



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Breakout Session I (8:25am – 9:10am)

5 Things God Expects from Every Man

As men, we were created and designed by God to handle what comes our way. We have it within us to handle the pressure, face the obstacles, and overcome every challenge that stands before us.


3 Reasons to Trust Your Shattered Soul to God's Strength

How’s your soul? Where does it draw its strength from?

As a Man Thinks, So He Is

One of the most amazing gifts that God has given us the human mind. The ability to learn, think, choose, and reason is the essence of what makes us human. While the ability to think makes us human, it actually goes deeper. Your thoughts become a reflection of who you really are. God certainly understands this, and he speaks to this in various places all throughout his word.

Is the Coronavirus Exposing Our Idols?

What is an idol? 

It’s anything in the created order that we exchange for the Creator. 

Theologically, we call them disordered affections. Instead of loving God with all of our hearts first, we love created things first.

Hence, our affections are out of order.

Breakout Session II (9:20am – 10:05am)

What Is the Meaning of “Iron Sharpens Iron” in Proverbs 27:17?

The concept of “iron sharpening iron” obviously implies at least two pieces of iron. It would be impossible for one tool to become sharper without the presence of the other. Left alone, both blades would be dull and quite useless. This simple Proverb illustrates an important biblical principle. God expects us to live and serve in a community of other believers, and He desires for us to build loving and growing relationships with others.

What’s in Your Nightstand? Winning the Battle with Guilt and Regret

What secrets are hiding in your nightstand? What regrets do you have that debilitate and overwhelm you? You can be an overcomer. Allow God access to that nightstand right now.

What Does it Look Like to Be a 'God-Fearing Man'?

Society will tell us: a man is to be both strong physically and emotionally with a rough and rugged exterior; or a ‘God-fearing’ man doesn’t have tattoos, long hair, or piercing.

Simplify Your Spending and Saving Strategies

Encourages developing a budget, identifying financial goals, understanding the balance between spending, saving, borrowing and having a strategy. 

Breakout Session III (10:15am – 11:00am)

6 Ways to Conquer Fear with 'I Can' instead of 'I Can't‘

You can face your fears. This isn’t bravado. Instead, it’s faith-based courage and focus.  Six ways to change “I can’t” to “I can” with surprising speed.

What It Means to Be "More Than Conquerors" and Have Victory in Everything

Want to live in victory? Then it’s time to start thinking about what you’re thinking about! Your mind is one of the most powerful and creative tools that God has given you to shape your reality, influence your life and make you more than a conqueror.

Men’s Mental Health | Dr. Napoleon Higgins, MD

10 Reasons Why Age Isn’t What Separates Men from Boys

What does it mean to be a man? And how does one become a man?  These questions are being asked in a thousand different ways in our turbulent culture. The absence of a masculine center is epidemic.