MoMentum Men’s Ministry presents

Real Manhood Faith in Action Conference
Theme: “It’s Your Move”
Friday, February 21, 2020 | 7pm – 8:30pm | Eldridge Campus
Saturday, February 22, 2020 | 7am – 1pm | Queenston Campus

Guest Speaker:

Dr. John Cox

Senior Pastor of the Historic Vermont Avenue Baptist Church


$40 (includes T-shirt) – After 1/25/20

The Real Manhood “Faith In Action” Conference is designed to address the issues facing men in the home, church and community and to provide biblical insights and ideas for putting faith into action.

It is our prayer that all men will be able to use these teachings to be drawn closer to God, through a greater love and understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ, and help to grow into the fullness of a Godly Man.

Bus Transportation will be provided from Queenston to Eldridge on Friday, 2/21 Departing Queenston at 6:00pm.


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Breakout Session I

Find Healing from Your Past

(2 Corinthians 5:17)

“Get over it!” “Move on!” “The past is gone!”

Well-meaning friends may offer you their best unsolicited advice, but their words hurt. Why? The past still haunts you. Are new beginnings possible? Is healing a reality? How do we confidently release the past and embrace the future? How do we find the strength to “press on”?


How to Live the Christian Life

What does the Bible say about how to live the Christian life?

Becoming a More Kingdom-Minded Man

Men wanting to grow spiritually and also wanting to impact families, church, and community.”

Six Principles of Christian Stewardship

God doesn’t need your money; He already owns, everything.

7 Reasons To Engage In Men’s Ministry

Let’s evaluate, why we should spend our time being a part of a Christian men’s ministry.

3 Easy Steps to Stay Pure and Beat Temptations

Take Responsibility

Don’t Be Lazy

Don’t forsake the value of Jesus

Five Pieces of Advice for Young Men

There is counsel that can ground you in the midst of life’s turbulence (inside of you and around you) and equip you to become more mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28).

What Christian Men Need to Know about Koinonia

While some are tempted to substitute the word “fellowship” for koinonia, it’s far deeper. Fellowship is a more surface-level, friendly relationship, while koinonia is full, intimate unity. And it’s an important element in the New Testament particularly, as the apostles became filled with the Holy Spirit.


Being A Christian at Church and in the Workplace (Young Adult Men)

Six Ways God Works in You — at Work


Being a Christian in Public and not Being Ashamed (Young Adult Men

Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Be a Christian


Breakout Session II

Breaking Free From The Crippling Effects of Stress

Anxiety, worry and tension are some of the most destructive forces we can face. They sap our strength and slowly undermine our faith, keeping us from maturing in the Lord (Luke 8:14). If we are to grow in our relationship with Jesus, we must discover God’s plan for freedom from the crippling cycle of stress.

Keys to Powerful Living: Overcoming Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion it can strike suddenly, taking over our thoughts with violent force. At times, it seems uncontrollable. And its devastating effects can leave your faith, your family or your career in ruins

Prayer: What, Why, and How

While God wants us to talk to Him about our problems, plans, and concerns, there are also times when we should be silent before Him and rest in Him so we can be sensitive and receptive to His desires and direction.

Ways You Can Rekindle Your Faith

If you are committed to your faith there are no avenues you won’t travel to find it – here are ways to rekindle your faith.

5 Steps to Staying Focused on God

If you are going to stay focused on God, you have got to include the things of God in our daily lives!

7 Simple Ways to Share Your Faith With Others

It’s a lot easier than you think to share the Christian faith with other people that God has placed in your life. You can start sharing your faith with others today.

Words Matter: Are Your Words Wounding or Healing?

Making Career Decisions Within God's Will for Your Life

Are you wrestling with a career decision, not sure which path to take?

Bringing God into the Market Place (Young Adult Men)

Applying God’s Word to the Marketplace


Learning to Pray for Your Enemies (Young Adult Men)

A Powerful Prayer for Your Enemies.