Pastoral Care is the arm of The Church Without Walls that supports members who are experiencing sickness, bereavement, financial hardship, or members who are in need of prayer or health support. We are able to walk alongside our members  and share the love of Jesus with them in some of life’s most difficult moments. It is our joy to support the membership of the church and we welcome every opportunity to do so.

Pastoral Care

Congregational Services

Caregivers Ministry

The Caregivers Ministry identifies the needs of the caregiver (a person who cares for terminally ill family members or friends), and assists in meeting those needs through prayer, encouragement, and service.

Funeral Hospitality Ministry

This ministry consists of ministers and funeral professionals that assist members and their families with the planning of funeral services.

Healing Hands Ministry
(Hospital Visitation)

This ministry ministers to persons who are hospitalized as well as supports family members. It consists of persons who are employed in the various medical facilities throughout the city.

Healing Touch Ministry
(Grief Support)

This ministry supports those who have experienced loss in their lives and assists in restoring them to wholeness.

Homebound Ministry

This ministry contacts and encourages persons who are sick and homebound due to recovering from surgeries or long-term illnesses through, phone calls, sending cards, and home visitation (if desired).

Storehouse Ministry
(Food & Clothing)

The Food and Clothing Ministry provides for those who are in need. This ministry also evangelizes and helps unchurched participants find a church home through prayer and explanation of the power of God.

Wedding Ministry

The Wedding Ministry is committed to assisting couples in preparing for the joyous and sacred occasion of their wedding.

Ministry Liaison

Rev. James Harris


Ministry Events

Church-Wide Events