General Admission – $35 | VIP – $60

VIP includes:  Premier parking, Coaching Session, Amazing Gift, Reserve seating and Friday night reception.

Friday, June 22nd

Attire: Fitness Chic

Health, Wealth & Entrepreneurship

5:00p – Seven (7) Empowerment Sessions
6:00p – Business Panel 
7:00p – Dr. Jill Waggoner
8:00p – VIP Reception & Appreciation
(Vendors and Health Information)

Saturday, June 23rd

Attire:  Mosaic T-Shirt & Denim

Theme: FAVOR

8:30a Morning Devotional
9:00-9:45a Session I
10:00-10:45a Session II
11:00a General Session – Featured Speaker
12Noon – Panel Discussion
1:00p Go In Peace!

Sunday, June 24th

Attire: Floral w/vintage accessories

Amazing Sunday Worship

Mosaic Women from all three campuses and community will gather for our Amazing Sunday Worship

10:00am  |  Queenston Campus  | Invite a Friend

Coaching Sessions* (SESSIONS CLOSED)

Life Coaches offering skype/phone sessions in areas of: executive, personal, health and spiritual coaching. Appointment times: 6p, 7p, 8p, 9p.

*Included in VIP Admission ticket only. Limited space available.

Meet The Coaches

Friday, June 22nd

Empowerment Sessions

The Fine Art of Networking
Networking can be awkward, however it is the key to business success. Learn to get out of your comfort zone and build good relationships that will enhance your career and/or business.

Facilitator: Jackie Jackson

The Many Faces of a Stay at Home Mom
Being a stay at home mom is a full time job. There are no sick days, there are no lunch breaks, there are no 4pm latte excursions at Starbucks. For your own survival it is ok break the rules and live in the moment.

Facilitator: Kalesha Myles & Shonda Coleman

A “Will” of Fortune
Your will is an accurate reflection of how you want to deal with your most important assets and cherished items. It is never too early to prepare your legal will.

Facilitator: Michelle Bolden

What’s Your Big Business Idea?
More women than ever are taking the leap of Entrepreneurship. Pursue your passion and keep in mind that opportunities are endless. The sky is the limit!

Facilitator: Ayana Browne

Tailor Made: Building Your Personal Brand
Your personal brand is all about who you are and what you want to be know for. Learn to be your own personal Guru and manage your image.

Facilitator: Brenda White

It’s Time For A Change
Do you need a career makeover? You can reinvent yourself after changing careers. This session will help you look at your skills and experience in a broader perspective.

Facilitator: Tracy Jones

Go Fund Me…Not
Help protect your loved ones when you are no longer here. Life insurance gives financial support to help pay for funeral expenses, housing costs, medical bills college and other debts.

Facilitator: Ruth Williams

Saturday, June 23rd.

15 Life Application Sessions

Sustained By Grace
Have you ever prayed, “Lord, take it away; that pain, grief, depression, cancer…?” God’s sustaining grace is sufficient to meet every challenge you may face. His power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:7-9 (Sustaining Grace)

Facilitator: Connie Jackson

Rescued By Grace
Grace ushers in forgiveness and it also empowers us to walk in a new way. You are not chained to your past. Like the woman caught in adultery, you too can embrace a new identity, new beginning and new future.
John 8:1-11 (New Beginnings)

Facilitator: Mia Wright

Transforming Grace
Your life is a project in God’s hand; a trophy of His kindness. You are no longer defined by failures, but redefined by His grace. Be patient and allow God to do His good work in your life.
Philippians 1:4-6 (Patience)

Facilitator: Debrah Bell

Another Day!
Every awakening day is a grace gift to you. It is another opportunity to praise God and express genuine gratitude for His love and compassion. Learn to slow down and see the faithfulness of God.
Lamentations 3:22-23 (God’s Faithfulness)

Facilitator: Shelia Williams 

The Woman in the Mirror: A Portrait of Grace
The story of Ruth is a vivid picture of grace. Grace goes beyond mercy. Mercy gave her food. Grace gave her a husband and home. Jesus is your kinsman redeemer. He sees you as a masterpiece that is about to happen…just stay faithful.
Ruth 1-4 (Your faithfulness)

Facilitator: Mattie McDowel

Pink Lips: Seasoned With Grace
Words are powerful. They can defuse a conflict or escalate it. They can destroy or build up. He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity. Learn to pick your words carefully. Colossians 4:6

Facilitator:  Yolanda Adams

The Throne of Grace
Whatever our needs may be, God’s throne room is filled with glory, power, mercy and grace. We should never fear that we are too frank, too bold, too forthright, too honest, too outspoken, or even too blunt when we take our concerns to God. He is our Father and He wants to hear exactly what we have to say!
Hebrew 4:16 (Prayer)

Facilitator: Mattye Criddell

Parenting by Grace
How can you raise godly children when the world offers so many obstacles and tempting distractions? When your heart is filled with grace you can lovingly speak truth and directions into your child’s life.

Facilitator: Lynette McClain

Grace and Power!
Grace is the redemptive love of God reaching out and working through us to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no need to fear. God is with us and He gives us grace and power to witness, preach, teach and accomplish His will.
Acts 6:8-15

Facilitator: Jewel London

Frustrating Grace
Has God given you an assignment that you are vehemently avoiding? There is no rest when your life is plagued in disobedience. Stop running and embrace God’s will for your life. He wants you to fulfill His purpose. Jonah 1-4 (Obedience)

Facilitator: Deborah Broadman

Single, Saved, and Social Media
Have you ever met someone and once you found their Social Media page you blocked, unfriended and refused all calls? Your profile is your brand; a presentation of you. Be careful to present who you really represent. James 8:1

Facilitator: Veronica Bush

Single, Childless…AND My Choice
You are not a cautionary tale! Being a childless Christian single lady is not a crime. Society is not the barometer. Embrace your status and devote your time to knowing God more intimately trust His divine timing.

Facilitator: Kiffany Duggar

Living Grace
Your body is a temple.  Your health is yours…own it and make your temple a priority. Dr. Jill Waggoner will wow you on how to address and manage your medical matters.  Plan to laugh, cry and gain a ledger full of information to help you live your best lift.

Facilitator: Dr. Jill Waggoner

When God Is Not Enough
Do you find yourself longing for more? Are you discontent with your current life? God is everything that you need. He is the Living Water. Drink from His well and you will never thirst again! John 4:1-26

Facilitator: Cassandra Fair

Can I Have It All- Career and Family?
Career, family, friends, fitness…can you have it all? Yes you can! Know your own worth and find your balance. Set reasonable boundaries and no limitations!

Facilitator: Deborah Duncan