In order to edify Missions, our purpose is to lead the members of TCWW to embrace the biblical missions mandate and to engage (at some level) in bringing Jesus to the people of every nation, beginning here in Houston.

Missions Ministry

Core Principles

Spiritual formation: Participants in the Missions Ministry will be challenged to be faithful in personal study of the Scripture and prayer as well as in Sunday worship and other spiritual growth opportunities. We cannot lead others spiritually where we have not been ourselves.

Discipleship: Participants will be encouraged to be consistently involved in midweek Bible study, small group and one-on-one discipleship opportunities. Only a growing disciple will be motivated and able to make disciples of others.

Evangelism: Participants will be encouraged and equipped toward involvement in cross-cultural evangelism. They will also be challenged to look for daily opportunities to share Christ wherever they live, work and play.

Stewardship: Participants will be reminded to be faithful stewards of their finances (giving tithes and offerings) as well as their involvement in missions ministries locally and abroad. Living out the “priesthood of all believers” demands that every believer be involved in ministry.

Ministry Liaison

Rev. James Harris

Mission Sunday

Fifth Sundays are Missions Sundays!
There will be special emphases and a Missions Offering be taken on each of these dates. More details will be announced as these dates draw near.


Ministry Events

Church-wide Events