The Marriage Ministry is designed to enrich the lives of couples and those engaged to be married. This ministry host workshops, retreats, conferences, seminars, and cruises designed to equip and enrich the lives of families.

Marriage Ministry

“Helping couples LEAP into a greater relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and their mates.”

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.  Mark 10:9 KJV

TCWW Marriage Ministry (MCM) would like to welcome you and your mate to what may be the most growth-producing experience in your Christian lives!  This ministry can be a doorway to deeper relationships with God and your spouse.  As these two relationships become more intimate, you will grow on self-understanding.  As you better understand your emotions, attitudes, needs, and abilities, you will also have a deeper understanding of others.  Thus, all of your relationships will be enhanced.

Church Mission Statement: 

The Church Without Walls is committed to bringing men and women who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ into fellowship with Him and into responsible church membership through:  equipping believers, enriching persons, evangelizing people and edifying missions.

The Marriage Ministry’s focus & purpose is designed to …  

… enrich the lives of couples who are married, engaged or considering marriage. The Marriage Ministry is committed to bringing couples into a closer intimate relationship with God and their mates by:  providing tools to enrich marriage through education; activities to promote communication and intimacy; and biblical understanding of the precepts of marriage so that God will be glorified in our marriages. This ministry offers Marriage Builder classes; host workshops, conferences, retreats and other events designed to equip and enrich the lives of families.

Each member of the Marriage Ministry will be:

“Committed praying and serving married couples focused on developing Godly life skills that strengthen the family.”

This is where the Marriage Ministry wants to LEAP as we lift up the name of Jesus.

So, if your marriage is ok, come join us;

If your marriage needs help, come join us

If you want to share your experiences, come join us

If you want to learn how to improve your relationship, come join us

If you need to talk, come join us

If you want to listen, come join us

Whether communication, conflict resolution, finances, or sex, come join us

Whatever it is about marriage and relationship, bad or good, come join us

Statement of Expectancy:

All members serving in the Marriage Ministry must be filled with empathy for marriage.  Each member is also required to maintain with the strictest of confidence all personal discussions that are held in the class rooms including marital problems that are disclosed to them.  Problems that cannot be resolved by the ministry will be referred to the Pastoral Care Ministry for further handling.

In addition to the above, all members of the Marriage Ministry will meet the following prerequisites:  They must

  • Be committed to Pastor West’s vision to The Church Without Walls
  • Be committed to worship on Sunday, week Night Bible Study and One Hour with God
  • Be committed to attending all scheduled ministry meetings
  • Be committed to continuing education in the ministry curriculum regarding marriage growth.
  • Support all workshops, seminars and special events hosted by the Marriage Ministry
  • Be committed to making themselves available for prayer and witnessing to married couples in need of their assistance
  • Must complete firm foundation classes
  • Must complete Reducing the Risk Seminar(formerly name: Child Abuse Seminar)
  • Must fill out the Marriage Ministry Member’s Profile Form

Ministry Liaison

Marc & Chonda Coleman


Ministry Events

Church-Wide Events