Legal Ministry

A Serve Ministry

Our purpose is to serve others. We enjoy giving our time, talent, and treasure as we serve alongside other believers of Jesus Christ within our membership and reaching beyond our walls into our community.

The Church Without Walls’ Mission Statement

The Church Without Walls (TCWW) is committed to bringing men and women who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ into fellowship with Him and into responsible church membership through:

Equipping Believers

Enriching Persons

Evangelizing People

Edifying Missions

Ministry Objective

The Legal Ministry’s focus is  to provide legal information to members of the congregation and the community at large who may need assistance and understanding of certain legal situations or laws through workshops, seminars, classes and other means. This ministry is not limited to just licensed attorneys, but to those with knowledge and care in the legal field.

Ministry Purpose

It is the purpose of this ministry to generally disseminate free legal information to the congregation and community at large in an effort to help in a Christian manner.

Ministry Disclaimer:

Mere dissemination of legal information by an attorney DOES NOT establish an attorney – client relationship. This statement shall be emphasized initially prior to any dissemination of legal information to the public on the website or any personal encounter with the public by members of the legal ministry or invited legal guests of the legal ministry. Furthermore any legal information disseminated by members of the legal ministry, its webpage or any guest of the ministry to the public does not create any  attorney – client relationship between the attorney, the ministry, guest legal participants or The Church Without Walls (TCWW) to the public or any specific individuals or group. Attorneys in the legal ministry or invited legal guest participants are not employed with or by TCWW.
Furthermore, TCWW legal ministry protocol requires that should any attorney by or through the legal ministry either as a member of the legal ministry or as a guest legal participant who chooses to accept a request for legal representation or services from an individual or group shall state in their contract for services with the individual or group and /or otherwise expressly indicate initially to individual or group that they are not employed by TCWW, or the TCWW legal ministry and that neither are a party to any attorney – client relationship that may establish between said attorney and their client.

Ministry Coordinator

Thomas Singleton

Ministry Meetings

11am every Saturday morning via Zoom

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