BEEM is committed to equipping entrepreneurs with planning skills and biblical principles that will ethically enrich their businesses. This ministry is designed to promote business and the exchange of goods and services between other Christian professionals and the church congregants. This ministry also produces the church business directory, and sponsors various business mixers, lunches and workshops throughout the year.

BEEM (Business Economic Empowerment Ministry)


Energize our members to become involved and active in our church through educating, learning, developing and growing businesses that help and strengthen the economic base of the church and our faith community.

Synergize by creating a cooperative interaction on behalf of TCWW between our ministry, church, local and national economic enterprise.

Galvanize by arousing awareness and action from within the church, ministry and the community that enhances our participation as Christian corporate citizens fulfilling our goals to Lead, Evangelize, Assimilate and Proclaim the message of Jesus Christ.


To empower our church, its members and the community in which we work and live by:

  • Provide recognition of businesses that are a part of our church body and the surrounding community;
  • Increase the awareness and number of members who utilize local and church member businesses;
  • Encourage businesses to employ, and contribute through services, products, education and exposure, to the growth and development of our communities;
  • Train and educate our church members and the community about business and economic empowerment that is Christ centered and spiritually fulfilling; and
  • Educate, encourage and empower business owners, entrepreneurs and others in discipleship and stewardship through economic opportunity empowerment that is governed by the vision that has been established through our visionary leader, Pastor Ralph Douglas West.
Ministry Liaison

James Harris

(281) 649-6820


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