Armed Forces Ministry



The Armed Forces Ministry was established by Pastor West in order to provide a means by which Veterans and active members of the Armed Forces would have the opportunity to participate as a group in spiritual development, Christian fellowship and community outreach. Veterans would also have access to information and support from the Veterans Administration by participating in outreach programs such as job and health fairs, lectures and various other VA programs.

Focus & Goals

The Objective of the Ministry is to provide resources and connections to help all members of the military community. Some of the products and services are LEAP outreach (Counseling). Evangelizing, Transition Assistance, Vocation  Rehabilitation Assistance, and Homeless Re-integration. We offer our veterans an opportunity to become followers of Jesus Christ. We provide practical assistance for Military members, veterans special needs individuals, and their families. We assist other Churches in reaching out to their veterans, special needs families, and the community.


Ministry Staff Liaison

Evelyn Jaja

Ministry Coordinator

Ministry Events


Church-Wide Events


Veterans, get to know your benefits and prepare for life changes; deployments. reintegration, education,  employment, housing, medical, retirement, and death. There are a number of programs that provide assistance to veterans who are currently serving or received an honorable discharge.

US Dept. of Veteran Affairs