Media Ministry

Join The Church Without Walls Media and Social Media Teams. Several volunteer opportunities are available.

All volunteer are required to complete Reducing The Risk course. Click here to sign up.

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Social Media Opportunities


Creative individuals to help photograph Pas and minister’s sermons during Sunday services and capturing special events. 

LIVE Audience Assistance

Engaging LIVE audience with welcoming dialogue as well as pushing them to the website for more information. (Links will be given once volunteers are chosen).

Also quick with reporting disruptive or inappropriate behavior on our LIVE streams.  

Creative Content Ideas

Submitting creative ideas for posting that are relative to our church.  

Note Takers

Take notes/impactful quotes of sermons during services to be transformed into graphics and tweets.  

Social Media Influencer

Individuals who are comfortable with being in from of a camera to promote events, scripture of the week, and prayers. (These videos will be limited to social media only).

Media Opportunities

Lighting Positions

Basic ability to operate a computer.  We will train you to follow the flow of the Church Service and select the ideal time to change the lighting scene during service.  You will learn how to use the intercom system (Coms) to communicate with the production crew. Must be on the lighting board by 7am.   

Computer Graphics Operator

Computer Graphics Operators (CG Operators) are responsible for the graphics & Videos that are displayed each week during service.  Basic computer skills are needed.  CG Operators follow the flow of Worship and display the lyrics for each song, scripture reading and other graphics & videos during service. 

Media Administrators

These people will take note during Media meetings. Help coordinate the onboarding of volunteers, coordinate training sessions, manage the volunteer schedule and assist with other administrative matters. 

Camera Operator

Volunteers will learn how to operate video cameras in a professional manner during live services.  Camera operators follow the lead of the Director and Technical Director (TD). We are looking for people that have a basic understanding or desire to learn videography or photography. We will train. 

Camera Shading Operator

This position is responsible for adjusting the visible picture quality of the Cameras.  This is a technical position and requires someone that is willing to be trained how re read video scopes and adjust the iris & black levels of the Cameras to give them a consist look. 

Camera Grib

This position is an entry level position for young people that want to learn television production.  They are responsible for helping the handheld Camera Operator manage their cable.  They will also work as runners to help take items where they need to go. 

Ralph Douglas West Ministries/Proverbs Bookstore

CD/DVD Duplicator

Responsible for mass duplication of CDs and DVDs after each service and/or event. Also assist with packaging of CDs/DVDs for sales/distribution and maintaining the product inventory. (Bingle & Eldridge only)

Sales Assistant

Responsible for selling books and other resources following Sunday service, Bible Study and special events hosted by The Church Without Walls and providing assistance in the Proverbs Bookstore. Excellent customer service skills and the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment is needed. (Bingle & Eldridge only)