9 Unquestionable Measures for Your Spiritual Flourishing

A Preaching Series by Ralph Douglas West
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The Big Fisherman - Sermon Series by Ralph Douglas West

This engaging Sermon Series by Dr. Ralph Douglas West encompasses what it means to stand firm and strong in the Word of God. Our hope and prayer are that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

Thank you for your support – and may you be encouraged as you help lead, inspire, and empower people to live lives of spiritual maturity.

Purchase your copy today, and be sure to introduce this series to your family and friends!

Sermons include:

  • Measure Your Appetite for Flourishing 
  • Measure Your Taste for Flourishing
  • Measure the Means for Flourishing (Measure the Immeasurable)
  • Measure of Flexibility for Flourishing
  • Measure the Rules for Flourishing
  • Measure your Strategy for Flourishing
  • Measure your Motivation for Flourishing
  • Measure your Expectations for Flourishing
  • Measure your Collection for Flourishing

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