Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

A Preaching Series by Ralph Douglas West
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Reconciliation - A Sermon Series by Ralph Douglas West

Discover What God Has For You

In a world full of distractions, living with a clear mind and heart makes a powerful difference. The key is keeping your focus on the one thing that matters most. Pas’ powerful series, Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing, shows you how to live in God’s peace by keeping your eyes on Jesus.

This series will inspire you to focus on the main thing God wants for you – as you share the simple truth of His love with others. 

Purchase your copy today, and be sure to introduce this series to your family and friends!

Sermons includes:

  • To Be Witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • An Unlikely Divine Rendezvous
  • Consequential Conversions
  • Breaking Through Barriers
  • The Christianity Goes West:  The Gospel in Philippi