Living In the In-Between Times

A Preaching Series by Ralph Douglas West
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The Big Fisherman - Sermon Series by Ralph Douglas West

This Powerful Series by Dr. Ralph Douglas West reintroduces us to Samuel. You will discover how God speaks to you, how you can respond and is inciteful in understanding and applying biblical truths to your life. Our prayer is that God’s word will inspire and encourage you to walk boldly in your faith knowing that God is right there with you along the way!

Thank you for your support – and may you be encouraged as you help lead, inspire, and empower people to live lives of spiritual maturity.

Purchase your copy today, and be sure to introduce this series to your family and friends!

Sermons include:

  • A Followers Follow Through

  •  Present and Accounted For

  • Choosing Second Best

  •  God’s Hidden Agenda

  • A Good Look in the Rearview Mirror

  • Know when to Hold and when to fold Them

  • Bewitched

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