Thank you for taking a moment to visit with us. We are doing some exciting things and you are invited to be a part of this women’s movement. You will meet new friends and discover many opportunities to enjoy relevant group studies, exciting worship services, special events and shared experiences.

Mosaic Accessories

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Behind the Scenes

The place for committed volunteers to serve; using their spiritual gifts when and where needed; at selected Mosaic ministry events and programs.  Invest your time and talent and see God move in an amazing way.

Celebrating You!

The Mosaic Women’s Ministry will highlight your accomplishments, successes, favorite recipes and any information that will enhance the life of another woman.  All you have to do is upload and we will share.

Choir - Women's

You are invited to join the Mosaic Women’s Choir. The regular schedule calls for performances on each fifth Sunday or about four times a calendar year, although the Women’s Choir may perform at special events.

Chapter II


Chapter II Widow's MinistryA special ministry for widows to gather and gain comforting support through relevant bible studies, meaningful discussions and social activities.

Diamonds in the Rough


A ministry that provides mentorship for young ladies ages 13-17. Diamonds in the Rough seeks to empower young ladies to live out their God given purpose, make a difference in society and live a life that brings glory and honor to God. This program is designed to help young ladies to grow and develop into the dazzling diamonds that God created them to be by esteeming and enriching their lives through:

  • Relevant bible studies
  • One-on-One mentoring
  • Health and wellness
  • Cultural experiences
  • Community service activities
  • Team and relationship building
  • Leadership development
  • Empowerment (emotional, social, financial)
  • Self-defense
  • Career development
  • Purity workshop and commitment ceremony
  • Graduation

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Greet & Meet

Greet and Meet Ministry

Meet new members the day they become a member. Follow up with the invite to the monthly reception.

Her Journey

women bible study

Small group studies designed by and for women in order to effectively equip them to grow and meet their specific needs as a woman. Registeration now open. 

Living PINK

Living Pink Breast Cancer Survivor Ministry

A special group for Breast Cancer Survivors; offering support and relevant information sessions, understanding and prayers.

Mosaic Design

Mosaic Decoration and Design Team

On Your Behalf

On Your Behalf Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercessory prayer team

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Mosaic Women's Social Media Ministry

Sew Joyful

Sewing Ministry

A Quilting Ministry comprised of crafty savvy women who enjoy creating and designing hand-crafted items that are sold or displayed. As each member of the group has a different “skill set”, time is often set aside during meetings to teach each other new skills which support the mission work.

The Bridge

The Bridge Ministry

Designed to connect women to a small group or Accessory

The Mrs.

The Mrs. Ministry

A ministry designed to empower women to fulfill their full potential in their role as a wife while maintaining their identity as a woman.

The Professional Woman

A productive gathering that provides empowerment seminars, relevant power talks and support sessions that meet the needs of today’s professional Christian woman.

The Village

Single Parent's Ministry

A single mothers’ gathering that offers to gain encouragement, relevant information and spiritual and emotional support.

Titus II

Titus 2 Mentoring Ministry

Every woman needs a mentor; that voice of wisdom, accountability and encouragement. God has prepared for you a seasoned woman who will share life’s experience and His faithfulness. Titus II gives women the mentoring opportunity to share and receive wisdom from women within The Church Without Walls family. Titus II provides a mentee/mentor relationship; a graceful opportunity to share and receive.

  • Criteria:
    • Open to all Mosaic Women
    • Mentors: 45 +
    • Mentees: 18 to 44 years young
    • Completed Firm Foundation
    • Completed One (1) Christian Education Class

As for you, Titus, promote the kind of living that reflects wholesome teaching. Teach the older men to exercise self-control, to be worthy of respect, and to live wisely. They must have sound faith and be filled with love and patience. Similarly, teach the older women to live in a way that honors God. They must not slander others or be heavy drinkers. Instead, they should teach others what is good. (Titus 2: 1-3, NLT)

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