An Invitation To A Celebration

A Sermon Series by Ralph Douglas West
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A sermon series by Ralph Douglas West

Invitations Are Given Every Day

People are invited to various events such as graduations, weddings, parties, etc. The table is set, and the invitations have been sent out. The question remains have you responded to the invitation?

This Sermon series teaches us that all can come to Christ. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, powerful or weak. Jesus is the Savior of the whole world, and He extends His invitation to all.

Pas wants to cordially invite you to this celebration through the Word of God. Our desire in this sermon series is that you will be encouraged and invite others to this grand celebration. Let us inspire you through this series of messages….

  • A Celebration of Response: The Great Banquet
  • A Celebration of Recovery: The Lost Sheep
  • A Celebration of Discovery: The Lost Coin
  • A Celebration of Return: The Lost Son
  • A Celebration of the Coronation 
  • A Celebration of the Resurrection

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