Her Journey Bible Studies for Women
Registration Begins Sunday Jan. 22nd
Session Begins February 7th
All 3 Campuses | 7pm

Her Journey Bible Studies are tailored to meet the need of women in every season of life. Take a six or eight week journey through amazing Bible studies designed just for you. Registration Now Open.

Fight back with Joy By Margaret Feinberg – Six (6) week study
Sooner or later, we find ourselves on the battlefield of life and struggle to know how to respond. But God says, “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 Chronicles 20:15). On that fateful day, King Jehoshaphat and his army marched forward rejoicing. Though we can choose from many weapons, God wants to empower us to fight back with joy. This 6-session Bible study will help you embrace a life that’s richer and fuller than you’ve ever known before—a life of joy.

The 21-Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and FreedomBy: Michelle Singletary – Three (3) week study
For twenty-one days, participants will put away their credit cards and buy only the barest essentials. With Michelle’s guidance during this three-week financial fast, you will discover how to:
• Break bad spending habits
• Plot a course to become debt-free with the Debt Dash Plan
• Avoid the temptation of overspending for college
• How to prepare elderly relatives and yourself for future long-term care expenses
• Be prepared for any contingency with a Life Happens Fund
• Stop worrying about money and find the priceless power of financial peace
As you discover practical ways to achieve financial freedom, you’ll experience what it truly means to live a life of financial peace and prosperity.

Anonymous: Discovering the Somebody You Are to God By: Cindi Wood – Six (6) week study
At one time or another, every woman has felt overlooked, unimportant, and bruised by the world. But there’s good news. While the opinion of others may drag us down, the God who created us has an entirely different opinion of who we are. That’s because we are His creations, and everything He created is good! Women today are searching for ways to make a difference in their daily lives. Whether they are working women, stay-at-home moms, or women moving into their retirement years, they all want to be a somebody who makes a positive impact in the world around them. The Bible is filled with “anonymous” women who made a significant impact in God’s story. Anonymous helps women discover their uniqueness and significance to Christ by exploring some of the “anonymous” women of the Bible.

Finding Fullness Again: What the Book of Ruth Teaches Us About Starting Over By: Ralph Douglas West – Eight (8) week study
As in Naomi’s case in the book of Ruth, there will likely be times when you’ll arrive at a desolate place in the heart, truly crushed in spirit for whatever reason. Finding Fullness Again takes an encouraging look at the story of Naomi and Ruth to remind you that you too can keep pressing forward, not just running on empty, despite the weight of your concerns. “Let the old things pass away,” Douglas says. “Let everything that God wants for you become new.”

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