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Diamonds In the Rough

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them. ~ Lady Bird Johnson

Diamonds In The Rough (DITR) is a ministry that provides mentorship for young ladies ages 13-17. This program is designed to help young ladies to grow and develop into the dazzling diamonds that God created them to be by esteeming and enriching their lives through:

  • Relevant bible studies
  • One-on-One mentoring
  • Health and wellness
  • Cultural experiences
  • Community service activities
  • Team and relationship building
  • Leadership development
  • Empowerment (emotional, social, financial)
  • Self-defense
  • Career development
  • Purity workshop and commitment ceremony
  • Graduation

Diamonds in the Rough seeks to empower young ladies to live out their God given purpose, make a difference in society and live a life that brings glory and honor to God.

Mentor Application

Mentee Application

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Parent/Guardian Information


The DITR Program matches member of TCWW with girls ages 11-17 in one-to-one relationships for one year. Through these relationships, as well as recreational and group activities, our matches share friendship, support, and fun. Mentors and mentees get together at least once a week. Both mentors and mentees make a commitment to spend time together throughout the year. They can participate in activities that they both enjoy. We plan social group activities on a monthly basis that are open to all participants. We are also available at all times to answer questions, offer support and help matches work through challenges that may arise.

Recruitment of Mentors and Mentees

Mentors complete a written application. They then participate in a one-on-one interview with Committee Members, at which time they learn about the program in detail, and we get to know them and their background. After completing the interview process, the mentor must attend a training session. Mentees also complete a written application, which includes a parent/guardian consent form. We ask that parents attend an orientation held during the beginning of the DITR session to receive more information about the program and our guidelines. 


The Committee matches mentors and mentees based on shared interests, personality. Unfortunately, we are not always able to match everyone who applies. This happens for many reasons, but the most common are that we simply do not have equal numbers of mentors and mentees. If a student is not matched, please understand that it is not because he/she is “unsuitable” for the program. They will be placed on our waiting list, and as soon as an opportunity arises for them to be involved, we will contact them. If a student is matched, their mentor will contact them by phone to let them know, and will host a special activity at TCWW where they will be introduced to their mentor.

After Students Are Matched

After students are matched, they will meet with their mentor at least once a month for 2-3 hours. They can meet at church, at home, or have a planned outside event. Parent consent must be given for all activities the girls will participate in. As the mentors are volunteers, it is important that the mentee and the mentor are both respectful of the other’s time.

Important Information for Becoming a Mentee

What is the purpose of the program?

The DITR is designed to give your child an opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with a seasoned Mentor at TCWW student. Through these relationships, as well as recreational and group activities, mentors provide friendship, support, and guidance to your child. The mentors are there to act as a positive role model and confidant.

When will my child meet with their mentor? What kinds of activities will they do together?

Meetings will be at a day and time convenient to you, your child, and the mentor. There is no scheduled location or activity for the meetings. Rather, mentors will call your child to set up plans for the week. All activities are agreed upon by you, your child, and the mentor. The only events that are pre-arranged are monthly events that we hold at the church .These events typically take place on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons. You will be informed of these events by your child’s mentor, as well as by mailings that we will send out the week prior to the event.

How can I be sure that the mentor will support my rules and regulations?

In the beginning, talk to the mentor about any rules or regulations that you expect to arise in his or her relationship with your child. If you have strict rules about curfew, activities in which your child may not participate, etc. then please discuss these with the mentor. By making this information known at the beginning, you can help avoid misunderstandings later.

How often should I be in contact with the mentor and how much should I say about family problems/ concerns?

Get to know the mentor well enough to feel comfortable with her being with you child. Before each meeting, discuss the plans and times for returning home. Try talking directly to the mentor about your concerns, but please avoid talking to the mentor about your child in front of your child. If there is something the mentor should really know, then call them when your child is not around. 

What if there are concerns or questions I don’t want to discuss with the mentor?

Please feel free to contact Nora Lemon by phone at (510)206-6731 or email at They are here to make the DITR program work for students, mentors, and parents. A Committee member will contact you several times during the month to see how things are going. But don’t wait for them to call! We would like to know about anything that concerns you as soon as possible.