We are excited to celebrate our Pastor’s 32nd Pastoral Anniversary! As a church family, we are committed to demonstrating our love and appreciation to a man who has dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel. He’s a teacher and a life-long student of the Word of God, delivering a message that his audience can receive, learn, and grow. Pastor West, affectionately known as Pas celebrates many years of serving his congregation and working alongside them for winning souls to Jesus Christ. He gives himself tirelessly to members in our congregation during times of need in person and by phone, not to mention the day-and-night availability to other pastors who seek his counsel.

Our members and non-members often share what his pastoring has meant on their spiritual journey. “The concern and care he shows for me and my family, means a lot.” One member shared, ‘When he called me after my mom passed, that meant the world to me and I’ll never forget him for that.” Another member shared, “Please let Pastor West know that he is reaching people and impacting lives beyond Hous­ton, Texas. I watch on line and record his broadcast every Sunday:·

Pastor West is the most loving and nurturing Shepherd we could ask for. We are here. because you were there! We love you, Pas! Congratulations on your 32nd Pastoral Anniversary!

Join the celebration on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 7pm on our Queenston Campus with guest preacher, Dr Remus Wright from The Fountain of Praise. And Sunday, October 13, 2019 with guest preacher, Dr Joe S. Ratliff from Brentwood Baptist Church.