A Message from Mayor Sylvester Turner

A Message from Mayor Sylvester Turner

As you know, we are still in the recovering stages of the Covid 19 pandemic.  We have made some progress but we still have more to go.

The virus can spread very quickly and the symptoms can range from no symptoms to mild to severe illness. Currently there is no vaccine available and we can’t relax on our social distancing and wearing facial coverings until that happens!

I’m asking you to remain vigilant and continue to MASK UP, not just for your benefit but for your loved ones & others around you.  So, take care of yourself and always practice social distancing!

Remember we are Houston Strong, together we will get through this! And Don’t forget to MASK UP!

-Mayor Turner

Pastor West Encourages Us to Get Tested for COVID-19

Pastor West Encourages Us to Get Tested for COVID-19

Listen in as Pas encourages the congregation to get tested for COVID-19.

It is our responsibility to help our city contain and mitigate this virus as we search for a vaccine. We ask that you encourage your family and friends to get tested as well.

Here are some testing resources.

COVID-19 Testing Options

Self-Assessment Tool

How to Get Free Testing

What Happens At Testing Site

Harris County Public Health Testing Location Map
The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has put together a comprehensive list of drive thru testing locations across the state of Texas. To access the map and to find a testing facility near youclick here.

Visit our Coronavirus Updates page for additional resources.

Pas Invites You to Coffee & Christ

Pas Invites You to Coffee & Christ

Coffee & Christ is a Church Without Walls Bible Study! You will personally engage with the sermons I preached on Sunday to discover for yourselves how to authentically live out what the Bible says and means. The name “Coffee & Christ” expresses the relaxed and conversational small group atmosphere. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us on Tuesdays at 7pm in our FB Group: Small Groups.

Be encouraged.

Click here for more information and to register for Coffee & Christ. 

PSA from Pas: Lets stay connected via FB Groups

PSA from Pas: Lets stay connected via FB Groups

Amid the COVID-19 season of adhering to social distancing measures, we want you to remain connected. In one of our Facebook groups, you can find a place to belong, receive encouragement, experience authentic community and spiritual growth. We currently offer community groups for men, women, youth, children, young adults, and marriage. Check it out online. Look at it as the hallways and fellowship halls on our campuses and get in on the conversation.

Be encouraged.

PSA from Pas: Official Information Coming from TCWW

PSA from Pas: Official Information Coming from TCWW

Church, during this time, where we are physically distant from each other, we want you to remain vigilant in where you are consuming your information regarding COVID-19 and our church. We want you to stay connected by reaching out to other church members, receiving the calls coming from my staff and your deacons who are praying with you, and staying connected with the official information coming from the church. Any official information from me (or my leadership team) will come via our website first, then eblast, text, and our social media platforms.

Be encouraged.

Pastor West Encourages Us to Take Care of Ourselves Amid Covid-19

Pastor West Encourages Us to Take Care of Ourselves Amid Covid-19

Church family, allow me to give you a few facts that a bright light has shined upon in the last couple of weeks and has been on my mind and heart about the novel Coronavirus. According to the Center for Disease Control, health disparities are differences in health outcomes and their causes among groups of people. Disparities in the African American community are not new to us, however the news of how COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting us, is.

It’s not that we are getting infected more, it’s that when we do, we are more likely to end up in ICU and succumb to COVID-19 due to underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, and obesity. Astounding, I’d say. Other reasons for disparities in our communities are social economic conditions, health-care access, distrust of the medical community, and multigenerational families in the same house, which makes it impossible for social distancing.

Furthermore, minorities usually have jobs that put them on the front-line in essential roles such as doctors, nurses, radiation technicians, housekeeping, and even retail. Accompanying these facts, the Harris County health officials named zip code, 77084, the zip code of our Queenston campus one of the zip codes with the highest number of COVID-19 cases.

Family, I’m not saying all of this to alarm you, but to ask you to take care of yourself. The way we handle this is by preventing ourselves, and others from getting sick; helping to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus and making sure people who need help can get it. You can find resources here on our website that can help you during this time.

Be encouraged.


Important Messages From Pastor West

Reach Devotional – Word of Encouragement (W.O.E.) to You

Reach Devotional – Word of Encouragement (W.O.E.) to You

WOE 2 You

Whenever we hear the word ‘W.O.E’ in the Bible it is never attached to anything good.

Isaiah 5:21 ‘woe to those who are wise in their own eyes’ 

But I want to offer another ‘woe’ to you. A Word Of Encouragement.

As you know we are in the midst of a pandemic and national crisis due to the spreading of Covid-19. And a word has been floating around that seemingly is on the verge of being lost in our English Lexicon. You have heard this word ever sense the CDC has urged us to stay home and quarantine. And if you must leave make sure it is for the sake of an essential.

But can I use another word if you will? Need. Don’t leave home unless it is for the sake of addressing a need. Please don’t leave home unless there is a need for water, food or hygienic supplies. The country, community and city is begging and pleading with you to only leave your home unless it is for the sake of a need.

At this time as the country is mandated to quarantine, I want to encourage you to lift your gaze toward the scriptures for comfort. In times like these the Word of God is essential to our spiritual survival and thriving. The Apostle Paul wasn’t under a mandatory quarantine but in a maximum security jail in Rome. He writes a letter to the Philippians church, literally pastoring from prison, and it is overflowing with joy, rejoicing and thankfulness for four chapters.

In the conclusion of his letter he reveals a secret that has kept him grounded and centered through his incarceration.  And even in this he rejects complacency or even complaining. He had dined sumptuously and had inadequate sustenance. He has lived lavishly and walked in the shoes of the homeless. This has taught him to be content in whatever situation he is in and can say with confidence

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 

I know that we are anxious to drive to the HEB and Krogers for food. And I know that there home and hygienic accoutrements available at your local Walmart or Target. But at this time on a higher, heavier and holier level our mind, body and souls have a need now like never before to be enriched only by the one who created us in his image. Jesus Christ.

If you have some questions in the corners of your mind

And traces of discouragement and peace you can not find

Reflections of the old past, they seem to face you everyday

There’s one thing I know for sure, That Jesus is the Way

Jesus is the answer for the world today

Above him there is no other Jesus is the way.


-Ralph D. West II

Join us for Life Hacks – Small Groups Online Series

Join us for Life Hacks – Small Groups Online Series

We all get excited to hear about a life hack that can help us maneuver through everyday life a little better? Well, what if you found out you can have access to a wealth of life hacks that can help you navigate not just your typical day, but your WHOLE life better? During the Life Hack series, we will explore the Bible and discover real life advice that will help you navigate life.

You will connect and interact with your virtual small group via Zoom meetings and conference calls. We have a study for everyone. Sessions begin May 11th. Click here to view schedule. 

Life Hacks Studies:

  • Breaking Free from Fear

  • Having a Real Relationship with God

  • Jesus: Listening for His Voice

  • Living Victoriously in Difficult Times

  • The Essentials of Effective Prayer

The Church Without Walls wants to celebrate Moms

The Church Without Walls wants to celebrate Moms

This Mother’s Day is unique, much like your Mother, who has made life memorable for you. We would like to celebrate phenomenal Mothers with photos of her or a video of you or your children answering one or the following questions:

“What my Mother means to me?”

“What is the most memorable moment you can recall with your Mother?”

Submission deadline: April 27, 2020. Click here for video instructions and to upload photos.