Build Your Life Conference
Queenston Campus
Every Tuesday in January
Classes: 6pm | Worship: 7pm

Join us each Tuesday night in January, starting January 8th, for a series of small group classes at 6pm on the Queenston Campus. Learn to see your life as God sees it. Learn to build on the promises and possibilities of His word. Learn to grow in His grace and favor as you Build Your Life for God. We will have lessons that focus on evangelism, discipleship, assimilation and fellowship. We are looking forward to these amazing nights of Godly growth.

Classes begin at 6:00pm, followed by the service at 7:00pm.

This is an evening for believers seeking a better walk with Christ and spiritual rejuvenation through communal worship.

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January 8, 2018
Evangelism – “Do I Qualify?”
Speaker: William Robertson

Classes Offered:

  • General Class: “Off the Dome”
  • Choir Class: “A Reluctant Witness”
  • Men Class: “A Witness Gone Bad”
  • Women Class: “A Witness Gone Bad”
  • Married Couples Class: “A Reluctant Witness”
  • Young Adult: “U Turn”

January 15, 2018
Discipleship: “Follower or Fan?”
Speaker: Bryan Carter

Classes offered:

  • Choir Class: “The Discipline of a Disciple”
  • General Class: “Off the Dome”
  • Men Class: “The Discipline of a Disciple”
  • Married Couples Class: “Home Court Advantage”Women Class: “The Discipline of a Disciple”
  • Married Couples Class: “Home Court Advantage”

January 22, 2018
Assimilation: “Where’s My Fit?”

Speaker: Jason Turner

Classes Offered:

  • General- “Off the Dome”
  • Choir-“The Meaning and Purpose of a Faithful Servant”
  • Men Class: “The Measure of Ministry”
  • Women Class: “The Measure of Ministry”
  • Married Couples Class: “The Meaning and Purpose of a Faithful Servant”
  • Young Adult: “Your Decision Determines Your Destiny”

January 29, 2018
Fellowship: Are We Fellows in the Same Ship?”
Speaker: Selwyn Bachus

Classes offered:

  • Choir Class: ”A Church That Blesses God”
  • Men Class: “An Amazing Fellowship”
  • Women Class: “An Amazing Fellowship”
  • Married Couples Class: “A Church That Blesses God”
  • Young Adult: “A Vision That Will Change Your Life”



  • Please select one class for each day you will attend the Build Your Life Revival.