The Church Without Walls Celebrates Black Heritage Month

George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – During Black Heritage Month, The Church Without Walls will remember… celebrating the historical, cultural, social, political, musical, and professional contributions of African Americans.  We want to celebrate with you!

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Every Sunday – All Campuses

Worship & Arts Black Composer Emphasis

Every Sunday – Bingle

Black History Display

Every Sunday (except 1st Sunday)

All Campuses – Children & Youth Church

Calendar of Events

Enhancing Spiritual growth through our Small Groups Studies

February 7

New Session Begins

Encouraging Black Health & Wellness

February 12

Go Red Sunday

Celebrating the Value of the Black Family

February 12

Marriage Recognition Day

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Sharing the literary passion, activism, and voices of black poets.

February 16 & 23

Book Discussions

Caste: The Origin of Discontent
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The 1619 Project
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Celebrating the beauty of Black Women

February 18

Extravagant Worship Extravagant Praise

Eldridge – 10am

Preparing for 40-Day Lenten Journey

February 22

Ash Wednesday Services

Celebrating the strength of Black Men

February 25

Real Manhood Breakfast & Conference

Queenston – 8am

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Supporting Black Entrepreneurs and Businesses

February 26

Black Heritage Expo


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Showcasing Black Fashion

Wear African Attire Day