The Big Fisherman

A Preaching Series by Ralph Douglas West
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The Big Fisherman - Sermon Series by Ralph Douglas West

A Living Hope!

Pastor West will show you how the First Epistle of Peter discovered some foundational truths about his faithYou will learn what it takes to grow closer to God and experience His presence in your life like never before.

At the end of this series, The Big Fisherman, you should be better equipped to:

  • Love one another as Christ loved you
  • Live under the authority of Scripture
  • Cleanse your life of malice and deceit
  • Live as someone who’s truly been born again

Thank you for your support – and may you be encouraged as you help lead, inspire, and empower people to live lives of spiritual maturity. 

Purchase your copy today, and be sure to introduce this series to your family and friends!

Sermons includes:

  • Absentee Ballot
  • CSI:  Christian Forensic
  • Pre-Test Before the Comprehensive Final
  • Better Than a Horoscope More Than a Crystal Ball
  • Free But Not Cheap
  • Steps to Love
  • A New Wardrobe for the Baby
  • Living Stones