What is the Good News according to God’s Word? Join us for the “Gospel in July ” a 30-day Bible Reading Challenge. Are you up for the challenge? Gospel in July begins July 1st. Invite your friends and family. Challenge accepted Pas!

What to do each day?

Pray. Read. Learn. Meditate.

1. Pray for a heart to receive & eyes to discern the Truth God has for you in the Bible today.

2. Read the day’s Scripture.

3. What Truth do you learn from the passage about the Gospel?

4. Meditate on that Truth throughout the day.

Journal: Take It Further (optional)


Some questions to consider:

What is the Good News according to God’s Word?

What do you learn about Jesus?

What do you learn about the life of a believer in Jesus?

How does that Truth affect how you’ll live today?


Does your thinking about Jesus and salvation line up with Scripture?

Is there any action you need to take based on what you read?

Pray about what you read today.

Ask God to give you renewed joy in His Good News.

Journal today’s Truth using whatever form works for you.


Share what you learned with someone else.

30-Day Reading Plan