Travel Abroad With The Church Without Walls

Travel Abroad With The Church Without Walls

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SEPTEMBER 1-14, 2019

Travel abroad this year with The Church Without Walls. We will visit London, Rome, Paris and end in Cape Town for the IC3 Church Growth & Development Conference – South Africa.


Per person with double occupancy


Single room supplement


Price includes:
Ground Transportation

*Price does not include registration fee for IC3 Conference.

For additional information, please contact:

Courtney Clark – Real Escape Travel – 713.584.5186

Momentum Men Devotional January 30, 2019

Momentum Men Devotional January 30, 2019

Daniel 6:25-27 (MSG) King Darius published this proclamation to every race, color, and creed on earth:

“Peace to you! Abundant peace!  I decree that Daniel’s God shall be worshiped and feared in all parts of my kingdom. He is the living God, world without end. His kingdom never falls. His rule continues eternally. He is a savior and rescuer. He performs astonishing miracles in heaven and on earth. He saved Daniel from the power of the lions”.

What do we think when we see people in positions of power and prestige? Do we think their prosperity and worldly success is because of God’s favor? Maybe it is, maybe it ain’t. We are not privy to the sacrifice or trouble they endure as part of their responsibility or the difficult experiences they face. We don’t know the road they traveled to get where they are. We can’t see God’s bigger picture (Romans 5:3-5, James 1:2-4).  Watching television and reading the news, we rarely see or hear about the faith of our political, corporate, and community leaders.  Many are people of good will and that’s admirable.  We may not know whether their trust is a life of prayer and devotion to God? Would people of faith hide their faith as they climb up the ladder of success?

Daniel wasn’t the only advisor and administrator under Darius King of Persia (6:1-5, Psalm 73:2-9). Daniel was a man of faith.  He was not ashamed and did not try to hide his faith.  He didn’t push his faith on others, but he didn’t let the world and his circumstances deter him from being obedient and trusting in God and just towards all men.  Daniel’s was a life of prayer and because of his good character he was promoted.

  1. Received Favor (Dan. 1:17-20, 2:14-23)
  2. Sought Fellowship (Dan. 2:17-18)
  3. Praised God (Dan. 2:20-23, 47)
  4. Always Prayed (Dan 6:10)
  5. Brought God Glory (Dan. 6:25-27)

Many of his peers were jealous and envious and would like nothing more than to see him fail (Daniel 3:8, 12, 6:1-5). So they set a trap for him and tricked the king into sentencing Daniel to death.  The king was the one who promoted Daniel and admired him, but because of the law of the land the king could not undue the decision. Daniel was placed in the lion’s den and the pit sealed with a stone. All night the king couldn’t sleep and the next day he rose early to find Daniel unharmed. The plot to destroy Daniel was revealed.  His accusers replaced Daniel in the den and were torn apart as soon as they entered.

God does save. Daniel lived it. The king observed it. The people heard about it. Could it be that God wants to use your life to glorify Him and to cause others to declare your God as savior and rescuer, performer of miracles, and His reign and rule is eternal and never fails.

Don’t wait until a trial or storm to develop devotion and character.

Take Control of Your Money – Sign Up for Financial Peace University Today

Take Control of Your Money – Sign Up for Financial Peace University Today

Financial Peace University

The Knowledge You Need To Win With Money

Financial Peace University will help you take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life. Join us for 9 weeks on the Queenston Campus,Tuesdays beginning February 5th  for Financial Peace University.

FPU Kit is $99 and is required for attendance.

God Loves A Cheerful Giver. Become a Good Steward of What God Has Given You.

Financial Peace University includes nine video lessons featuring Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan. Follow along in your workbook as they teach you:

  • Lesson 1: Build a Starter Emergency Fund and Learn How to Budget
  • Lesson 2: Pay Off All Debt
  • Lesson 3: Save a Fully Funded Emergency Fund
  • Lesson 4: Invest for the Future and Build Wealth
  • Lesson 5: Buyer Beware
  • Lesson 6: The Role of Insurance
  • Lesson 7: Retirement Planning
  • Lesson 8: Real Estate and Mortgages
  • Lesson 9: Living and Giving Like No One Else
  • Additional Course: Teach your kids to make wise financial decisions (six lessons)
  • Additional Course: Truly live and leave a legacy for generations to come (six lessons)

Classes begin February 5th 7pm on the Queenston Campus.

Join Momentum Men for the Annual Real Manhood Conference

Join Momentum Men for the Annual Real Manhood Conference

MoMentum Men’s Annual “Real Manhood” Breakfast & Conference
Friday, February 22, 2019 | 7pm -9pm
Saturday, February 23, 2019 | 7am -1pm
Queenston Campus

TICKETS: $40 (includes T-shirt)

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.  (Ezra 10:10)

The spiritual climate in our nation, our families, and in our churches hangs in the balance as many Christians teeter on the edge of spiritual apathy and decay.   We need revival in our country, in our families, and in our churches!


While we need God to show up, He is looking for men of God to Rise Up!

Register Today for Small Groups Bible Study – New Session Starting Feb 5th

Register Today for Small Groups Bible Study – New Session Starting Feb 5th

Register Today for Small Groups Bible Study – New Session Starts Feb 5th

We want you connected and growing spiritually! Sign up today for our new session of Small Group Bible Study Classes. This is a great way to build new relationships with other believers while growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Classes start February 5th on the Queenston Campus and February 6th on the Eldridge Campus.

The following classes are available:

  • Eagles
  • MasterLife
  • Mosaic Discipleship
  • Momentum Discipleship
  • Her Journey Bible Studies for Women
  • Momentum Men Bible Studies
  • Grief Share
  • Living in the In-Between Times
  • Facilitator’s Training
  • Financial Peace University
  • Positive Lessons from Negative Families
  • Evangelistic Expressions – A study from Pas’ sermons on Evangelism