Weekly Devotional 

July 23 – 29

Are You Ready For Your Encounter?

Scripture: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;Jeremiah 1:5a

Devotional: One of the beautiful things that I often received as a minister of our church is a card of appreciation for something that someone felt I had done to encourage them or to enrich their lives during their time of crisis. While it is a wonderful gesture and now, I am being blessed and encouraged by the member or family of a love one, sometimes I wonder, why will someone take the time to write out a card, and mail if off when I am just doing what I have been called to do?  The truth of the matter is simply this:  we all have been set apart to be a blessing to those we encounter who need to see Jesus though our acts of kindness and to display love toward them and one another! 

Prayer: My Father and My God, we thank You for Your Grace and Your Mercy; for You, alone, are worthy of our Praise!  Thank you for consecrated hearts and minds to do what You have called us to do; we give You Glory and Honor for being your vessels in the world today.  We pray that You will remind us to be ready, all at times, to be used in Your service for Kingdom building, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Rock and our Redeemer we pray, Amen!!!


Reflection Question: What will you do when you encounter someone who needs encouragement?