Friday, September 11, 2020

Life Application Sessions
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Aiming for Healing!

Are past scars and unresolved circumstances keeping you from fulfilling your purpose?  No open wound, broken heart or emotional scar is beyond the healing hand of our Father.  God is able restore you; turning your most horrid experiences into a testimony to share with others. Aim for your healing and start walking in victory!  


Women of all races and religions are typically in the margins feeling the tension of injustice. Today, they are on the front line of the movement. Where do you fit in? What is your role in moving the needle of racial divide and sexism toward equality and justice? God arranged various events to bring about His divine purpose to save His people. He used Esther, a strong, astute and courageous woman to accomplish this great work.  Her life exudes rich qualities; learn from her. SeeHer…BeHer!

EntreprenueHer! Starting a business that matters.

The journey of entrepreneurship is exciting and scary. Whether you are ready to start your business, or you are just stewing over the idea, remember every great business started with two significant elements: drive and passion. Where do your passion and skills intersect? What’s propelling your desire to start a business?  Aim high if you want a successful business that makes a difference.  

Aiming for Good Health: Making your mental health a priority during a pandemic.

Anxiety, fear, worry, job security, financial pressures, family stress, loneliness, depression, racial unrest, social distancing, compounded with COVID-19 is a toxic concoction for a mental breakdown.  It’s time to make self-care practices number one on your to-do list. Mindfulness is the buffer needed to maintain good health in a challenging season. 

Aiming for a New Normal

Is your current normal diminishing the quality of your life?  An overloaded schedule, no time for family, relationships or God, little sleep, poor eating habits and surging through exhaustion is NOT normal.  It’s time to create your new normal; allowing time and space where God is priority and everything else is organized to enhance your quality of life.   

Adjusting Your Financial Aim

How are you managing your personal finances during the COVID-19 crisis?  The pandemic has changed the global landscape, affecting the workforce, financial, professional and social environments. While some financial challenges are beyond your control, you can still aim for a solvent financial future.  Knowledge is power.  Learn how to maneuver through this volatile financial climate.   

God, Where Are You?

In the middle of her deep sadness and disappointment, frustration and confusion, Jesus comes, and Mary asks, “Where were You?” In other words, Why didn’t You come sooner? Why didn’t You change this, prevent this, fix this, heal this? Where were You when I needed You? Getting through this season isn’t just a matter of waiting on God. You have a part to play in navigating through it. God wants you to draw close to Him, grow in His word and accomplish His purpose for your life.  

Ask Dr. Jill

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered your life, daily routine, your physical health, and left you with a ton of questions.  “What is going on with my body? How can I maintain a balanced diet? How can I stop stress-eating?  Why do I have COVID–blood-pressure?  Should I begin a vitamin regiment?  I have no motivations to exercise.  I feel so sluggish. My anxiety is stifling. Do I have the Coronavirus? ” Get ready to ask Dr. Jill your health questions. It’s time to get answers!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Seasons of Life Panel Discussions
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God, did you send him for me?

WOMEN OF ESSENCE Ages 18-29 *Designed for, but not limited to.

Are you dating to find a lifelong compatible companion?  Are your dating goals aligned with God’s master plan?  You don’t have to settle for low-hanging-fruit. God has prepared a mate for you. Trust him to direct your intentional dating.  Join the Women of Essence discussion on Intentional Dating.

The Dichotomy: Expectations versus Reality

WOMEN OF FAITH Ages 30-39 *Designed for, but not limited to.

This panel will have a candid discussion about navigating life’s uncertainties.  God’s will versus your plans, your expectations versus your reality, your identity in Christ versus who society thinks you are. Join the Women of Faith as we tackle life’s dichotomies together.

The Power of Focus: Finding Clarity and Lifestyle Balance

WOMEN OF PURPOSE Ages 40-49 *Designed for, but not limited to.

Imagine the unleashed power within us if we eliminate distractions and keenly focus on our soul, health, and finances. Join the Women of Purpose for a panel discussion on how we can strategically position ourselves to find lifestyle balance as we aim for these important targets: experiencing spiritual renewal, practicing health and wellness activities and engaging in an honest assessment of our financial realities so we can plan for a better future.

The Next Chapter ...focus on the promise

WOMEN OF GLORY Ages 50-59 *Designed for, but not limited to.

Life does not end in your fifties; this is an exciting time to remove excess and discover the next amazing you.  As women, we are quick to identify ourselves using our circumstances, how others perceive us, or our positions in life. It’s comforting to clothe ourselves in these identities. But none of those are really who we are.  You are vibrant, innovative, and you have a wealth of experience and wisdom to offer others.  It’s time to write the next chapter. Join the discussion on how to create change in your life, not because something is wrong, but because it no longer makes an accurate statement of “who you really are”. 

Welcome to Wellness: Let the Trials We Overcome Fuel the Passion that Brings Us Love, Joy, Peace, and Contentment.

WOMEN OF WISDOM & GRACE Ages 60-69 and 70+ *Designed for, but not limited to.

The Word says “Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds…” James 1:2.  We are courageous, victorious, faithful, graceful, amazing, and agile women who love to share our wisdom and grace of how to find joy in any season of life.  Join us and gather tips, hear stories, and gain confidence in knowing you can triumph over adversity.  Through this panel, you will appreciate the beauty in your resilience and embrace the magnitude of your soul.  You will discover how to live your best life yet!

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