In honor of our 35th Anniversary, stop by the Proverbs bookstore and pick up your copy of “A Place to Hear from Heaven.”

A “Place to Hear from Heaven” is a prodigious book tailored to the sacred space that is The Church Without Walls. This book was authored by our Pastor Ralph Douglas West affectionately known as “Pas” to show that our edifice is not merely our sanctuary but a place that Christ is truly exalted and God’s word is proclaimed. “Throughout these sacred spaces, every point of gathering will be a place to hear from heaven. We will sing and celebrate, and we will also hear and educate. With generations not yet born from families not yet formed, we will fill spaces to teach and learn. A generation not here will teach a generation beyond that. We did not build for a moment, but for the century. -Pas”

This book would be a great addition to your library or as a gift to a loved one, colleague or friend. Bless them this holiday season and beyond with a copy of this great book!

Click the link below to purchase a copy of the book and pick it up in the Bookstore on the Queenston campus.