We have a full week ahead at The Church Without Walls! We will begin our 32nd Church Anniversary Celebration tonight on our Queenston Campus with Guest Preacher, Terry K. Anderson leading up to our Volunteer Breakfast, Church Anniversary and First Fruits Sunday.

As you reflect on the message from last Sunday, “Don’t Alter What You Bring to the Altar”, we want to take some time this week for:

  • PREPARATION – Fast and pray to prepare your heart and mind to hear how God wants you to give sacrificially for First Fruits Sunday.
  • PROTECTION – Fast and pray for God to protect what He has entrusted to your care to make the presentation.
  • PRESENTATION – Fast and pray that God would prepare your heart to make a sacred presentation on this High Holy Sunday.

God has been so good to all of us. Remember, “Not Equal in Giving, but Equal in Sacrifice”,  and we thank you for your obedience.

Be Encouraged.